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“Your story is yours to write. You are the embodiment of the Divine. How much you allow yourself to see, to feel, to create, and to live it is entirely up to you.”

- Yeshua

11 Days Embodiment Activation

Ready for another quantum leap into your Spiritual and Physical Mastery?

We bring again this format of a very special offer to serve you at your highest and best in this present moment: An 11 days Embodiment Activation using the energy of the Solstice!

Again, instead of having only one Ceremony we are creating an activation cycle to help you deepen your connection with your Selves (fractals, elements, etc) and to Embody your Mastery, to Embody all activations done in the past, to Embody all that you have accessible to you at this moment. How exciting is that??

✨This time we're working with the frequencies of Grounding, Stillness, Healing, Ease, Trust, Harmony, Freedom, Connection/Union, Transformation, Alignment, Rest, and of course Embodiment!   These 11 activations are meant to help you fully integrate these essences and any others that, as we mentioned, are already at your disposal and open within your DNA. They are meant to soothingly and with a lot of grounding aid you in your Mastery from now on.

This is how it will go:

  • Starting on December 21st, you will receive an audio file with the recorded activation/meditation and one Light Language Activation Symbol on your email per day.

  • You’ll get a recipe for a Herbal Elixir that can accompany this process, aiming to further Ground and connect you with the practice.

  • A list of tools, crystals, essential oils, and herbs that align with Embodiment.

  • All 11 activations are infused with Reiki, Elemental Magic, and Christ Consciousness energy that we will flow through us to you daily.

  • The activations end on January 1st, completing the 11 days cycle.

  • Access to a brand new Discord Channel.

✨The fee for this offer is 111 euros.

And again, we wanted to make it as easy and affordable as possible for you, so you’ll have two payment options this time:

  • 1 payment of 111 euros

  • 2 payments of 55,55 euros

You can choose which method you prefer and click on this link here to pay and save your spot:

✨ Here's a quote from Yeshua about this offer:  

"Your story is yours to write, you are the embodiment of the Divine, how much you allow yourself to see, to feel, to create, and to live it is entirely up to you."

You may take your time with the activations, doing them at your own pace in the manner that is most loving for you at the time. This program will open doors of allowance within you, so you may surrender to the Divine Flow within you.

We are now closing a very challenging cycle, for all of us and for Earth herself, we are together closing some very old doors and opening some very bright beautiful ones! This program aims to help you navigate this cleansing and the rebirth of your Spiritual journey with as much ease as possible, while we also offer some healing for whatever areas of your life you need and lots of magic and compassion.

Within these activations, we will again create quantum leaps, intentional portals, and so much magic!  
We're honored to walk this path with you, the path to remember and reclaim ourselves in our most graceful Truth!

Thank you for being here, thank you for being you!

Love and blessings,  
Fernanda & Flavia

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