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As everything else in this journey of ours, the name Lightworkers613 was suggested by Yeshua. 
He says it was Divinely designed for all of us who share our Light with each other, so we can express and expand together 
in this beautiful path. 
The numbers hold frequencies of Oneness, Unconditional Love, Abundance, Gratitude and Grace, used together in this way 
they help us opening the doors inside ourselves to allow God Within to emerge with simplicity and Divine Flow.

About US

Soul sisters Fernanda and Flavia started their spiritual journey together after realizing the paths they were taking were not in alignment with their hearts' desires. 
Beginning with a life-changing decision of leaving their jobs and moving to a new country, they started the journey of learning how to self-love, overcome depression, anxiety, and releasing fears to create their own realities. 

With the help of their Spirit Team, they continue their journey within as they work with people from across the globe to empower and help them remember their own Divinity.

By sharing life experiences, channeling messages from enlightened beings, performing healing ceremonies and meditations they are now inviting you to join them in this beautiful moment of ascension to become, once again, your most authentic self and remember the powerful creator that you are.


We welcome you with open arms and excited hearts. How wonderful it is to have you here with us! 

Fernanda and Flavia

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