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For the portal on the 22nd of this month, we have a brand new concept of Ceremony that we're bringing to the table: An immersive and interactive experience! 

This portal feels like a collision point for countless timelines crossing and reforming themselves, which creates an immense vortex of energy that we get to use in our Alchemy as we wish.

Taking into consideration your suggestions and the guidance we receive from Apollo and Aphrodite (the two beings that will guide us in this Ceremony), we are focussing our intentions on Celebration with the meaning of bringing in and opening ourselves for the experiences of more Joy, Sweetness, Abundance, Acceptance, and Empowerment!

We celebrate all that we have already accomplished and we open the doors for more alignment and ease to come into your lives and realities.

This Ceremony will be different in the sense that it's meant to be an immersive experience, we will walk you along the path of Sacred Rituals alongside guiding you in a meditation and reiki attunement.

Meaning that we will also guide you on the ritualistic side of Ceremonies, for example: how to set your intentions to the elements in your altar, how to create your altar for this blessing, how to use your Soul Symbols to its highest potential, and so forth...
This Ceremony will, therefore, be also some sort of class on how to perform Ceremonies on your own!

And it's worthy to mention that if you do not feel aligned with the more ritualistic side of Ceremonies it is completely ok, you can close your eyes and enjoy the process as a meditation nonetheless and it will be just as powerful! We always aim to aid you in finding your own individual spark and practice that works for you!

Even though we are teaching and guiding you in a different way, we kept our original price for Ceremonies off Patreon so to support you as you support us, we didn't want to increase the price and want to always make things as affordable as we can. 

These are the offers in this package:

- Guided ceremony and meditation
- Reiki Alignment
- Personal Soul Symbol
- PDF with tools you might need for the ritual
- Collective frequency Art
- Any eventual Channeled messages from Apollo, Aphrodite, or anyone who shows up to guide us.

The fee for this offer is 55 euros and you can save your spot on this link here:

We will be live on February 22nd at 6 pm WET to guide the Ceremony, and you'll also have a replay available if you cannot make it live or simply wish to redo the ceremony. 

Time to actively create some magic, fam! Let's do this!


We love you,
Annie & Flavia 

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