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Get exclusive access to Classes, Channelings, Ceremonies and many other live events monthly!


Tier 1


- Monthly Live "Ask Us Anything";

-Discord Chats and Channelings;

- Exclusive channeled messages, Alchemy/Soul Symbol art, Light Language Activations; and/or quotes from Ascended Masters, Angelics, Galatics, etc;

- Access to the community.

Tier 2


- Full access to Tier 1 benefits; 

- Monthly Channeling Q&A with Ascended Masters, Archangels, Light Beings, Spirit Guides, etc.

Tier 3


- Full access to Tiers 1 and 2;

- Magdalenas Classes (Sacred Sexuality, Ancient Alchemy, Mystery School Teachings);

- Occasional Goddess tips from the Divine Mothers (Natural products recipes, herbal uses, crystals meanings and functions, and more).

Tier 4


- Full Access to all previous Tiers;

- Monthly Sacred Ceremony with Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Archangels, Light Beings, etc. (Collective guided meditation and chanting of Divine Sounds with the purpose of healing, enlightenment, and awareness);

- Frequency Art Sharings.

Tier 5


- Full Access to all previous Tiers;

- Spiritual Bonfire (Zoom call with us & other Lightworkers of the same Tier to discuss
spiritual growth and share Love).

Tier 6


- Full Access to all previous Tiers;

- Group Session Channeling where we meet via Zoom Call and you get the chance to either come on camera and ask your questions or write them in the chat/Q&A. 

Tier 7


- Full Access to all previous Tiers;

- Monthly 20 minutes reading with Fernanda and the Ascended Masters. (empower yourself, open your own abilities, get guidance from your Higher Self, and more) via Zoom Call or 20 minutes long-distance Lemurian Reiki Alignment with Flavia, you choose!

- Personal Soul Symbol or Digital Frequency art to aid in your monthly spiritual practices.

Tier 8


- Full Access to all previous Tiers;

- Monthly 30 minutes reading with Fernanda;

- Monthly 20 minutes long-distance Lemurian Reiki Alignment/Healing with Flavia;

- One frequency art in digital format so you can print or use as you wish;

- One Personal Lemurian Reiki Symbol for your session.

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