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Recorded Classes

Here you can find all the available recorded classes both from Patreon and from exclusive events.


The Magdalenas on Sacred Sexuality (2019, April 26th)
The Magdalenas on Twin Flames and Self Love (2019, May 25th)
The Magdalenas: Alchemy of Isis and Horus (2019, June 23rd)
Mastering the Emotions (2019, July 27th)
Mastering the Breath (2019, August 24th)
Mastering the Breath vol. 2 (2019, September 19th)
Introduction to working with Crystals (2019, September 29th)
Crystal Grids (2019, October 16th)
Mastering the Mind (2019, October 27th)


Clearing the Djed: The Sacred Pathway of Divine Creation (2020, February 11th)
Sacred Sexuality: How to Heal and Energize the Body Using Sekhem (2020, April 11th)
Preparing the Vessel for Alchemy (2020, June 16th)
Body, Mind and Spirit alignment for Sacred Sexuality (2020, July 21st)
Body, Mind, and Spirit alignment vol.2 - Manifesting your Desires (2020, August 20th)
Anointing Oils for Sacred Sexuality (2020, October 22th)
The Holy Grail and Sacred Sexuality (2020, November 19th)
Yeshua teaches Grounding, Boundaries and Joy on Earth (2020, December 8th)


Sacred Sexuality and the Alchemy of Portals (2021, January 21st)
Sacred Sexuality and Exploring Your Divine Gifts (2021, March 26th)
DNA Activation and Sex Magic (2021, May 15th)
Mastering the Body vol. I (2021, July 19th)
Answering Questions about Sacred Sexuality (2020, May 19th)
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