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August 08th, 2022

Lion's Gate

Quantum Leap Activation

Lion's Gate Activation

August has arrived and with it one of our favorite portals of the year: 08/08 - Lion's Gate!

This time we are offering a Quantum Leap Activation and meditation Ceremony. 


A Quantum Leap in Spiritual practices means to jump from one level of awareness to another in a few days instead of a few months or years, it means to co-create your reality and tie timelines together to experience a certain frequency at once. It is much like stepping into the person you wish to become, inviting the reality you want to live to the present moment, and aligning yourself with the most loving aspect of your consciousness. 

This alchemy work we offer for the Lion's Gate 2022 is one of pure and magical power! The Lion's Gate is a cosmic gateway of consciousness that brings forward an accelerated wave of increased awareness for our Planet Earth, it is a portal of grand opportunity to create and expand in your own individual experience as well as collectively. 

This year's energy is feeling extra powerful and holds a strong pull into manifesting your most loving reality. For that reason, we wanted to bring through a technique that allows you to align in frequency with your Highest Potential of Creation, and that is what the Quantum Leap Activation can do for you. 

You'll be able to set your own specific intentions during our Ceremony, and we will act as guides for the Highest and Most Loving frequency to help in your transformation with the intention to align you with your Mastery and Higher Self. 

This offer brings:
- Live guided activation and meditation
- Live reiki alignment
- Live channeled information about the portal
- Digital Lion's Gate Art and Light Codes for the group 


If that sounds interesting to you then join us Live on the 8th at 08:08 WEST to enjoy this offer.

We're excited to create some magic with you, Soul Family!

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