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Again we harness the energies of the Lion's Gate Portal, the powerful alignment between our Sun and Sirius that has been used in spiritual practices for millennia, in a Ceremony with our lovely Duda and Dudu from Avalon Therapies!

Once again, we're harnessing the energy vortex peaking on August 8th to amplify our alchemical potential and welcome a transformative wave of positivity and love into our lives. When the Sun and Sirius align, the Earth receives an influx of this heightened energy, leading to a period of increased consciousness, spiritual insights, and opportunities for personal growth.

This year with the help of Duda and Dudu we create an event tailored to your spiritual journey, offering a dynamic blend of guidance, energy work, and connection to elevate your consciousness and lead you to your next bright and prosperous phase.

🦁 Here's what's in store for you:

🌌 Channeled insights from the Lyran Feline Council and a New Earth Energy Update with Fernanda - Get ready to receive divine messages that resonate deeply with your soul's journey, including a New Earth Energy Update. This update will illuminate our current reality shift of paradigms and guide us on the path forward as a collective.

🌟 Guided Ceremony and Quantum Jump Meditation - Embark on a transformative journey as we navigate the Lion's Gate energies and quantum leap into new dimensions of understanding and growth.

💫 Reiki for Chakra Alignment and Channeled Guidance from Duda - Experience the balancing energies of Reiki to align your chakras and receive personalized channeled guidance, offering insights and support to your spiritual journey.

💫 Reiki for Aiding in Quantum Jumping with Flavia - Enhance your quantum jumping experience with an energetic alignment to facilitate shifts in your reality so they may be received with ease.

🔮 Radionic Table Consultation with Dudu - Receive personalized insights and guidance through a radionic consultation addressing the group's unique energetic needs.

🎨 Collective Light Language Mandala Activation - Immerse yourself in the healing frequencies of Light Language as we activate a collective mandala, infusing it with intentions of healing and expansion.

📜 Instantly accessible Booklet upon joining - Receive a comprehensive information guide that includes tools, herbal infusions, a card reading, and guidelines, all designed to support your alchemy as soon as you join.

🌠 This event opens up a chance for you to tap into the energies of the Lion's Gate and the cosmic dance between our Sun and Sirius as a community of like-minded souls that holds space for each other.

If you're feeling the call to embrace the enchantment of this celestial moment, take a quantum leap into your most loving self, and elevate your spiritual journey join us now.

See you on the 8th, fam!

We love you, Fernanda & Flavia

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