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Channeled Message from Yeshua about the Empowered Divine Masculine

An excerpt from Patreon’s Master Class - Discovering the Divine Masculine Within

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How does the Empowered Divine Masculine feel within you and what does it look like around you?

“The true Empowered Divine Masculine within you feels like utter freedom, it feels like being certain of your power without the need to convert or convince anyone else of your truth. It feels like being able to be vulnerable without feeling as if you need to mask or bargain with your own heart, it feels like freedom to feel, freedom to be, freedom to do. It feels like complete presence, it feels like knowing you have a solid foundation on which you can build all dreams. It feels like focusing on what you love, but also being free to change your mind without compromise. It feels like strong set boundaries that only make you feel proud of yourself for having them, it feels like you are always ready for anything because you are a God in form. It feels like you can be yourself at all times, in any environment, in all situations. It feels like feeling safe in your own skin, in knowing that your body is a miracle and a haven, and that you can trust its messages no matter what they are. It feels like being able to do anything you wish to do, to go and act, and play in whatever dream you are playing without the need to label it as good or bad. It feels like you belong, as you are...where you are, you remember that you belong.

In the world around you, the Truth Empowered Divine Masculine looks like the freedom of choice without me needing to change or control anything about it, it looks like the freedom of Divine Expression. It looks like being able to see beauty in all forms and shapes, in all types of creation. It looks like being able to not judge anyone’s choice of creation, you can hold space and even learn to love these choices even if they would never be your own choices. It feels like being able to trust that humans have a plan, as God, and that plan has many ways to shape itself and it is not my personal responsibility to change or control it, my only responsibility is towards what I think, what I feel, and what I do about that. It looks like being able to trust the Earth and its climate, weathers, and all its Divine expressions too. It looks and feels like Trusting that the God that lives in me also lives in every single organism in this Universe, and I can be okay with playing my part and allowing them to play theirs without setting blame or even wishing it was different. It is complete unconditional acceptance and trust that God knows what they are doing, and the fact that God is even able to do is a miracle of my own making, the Divine Masculine making.

Wouldn’t you like to live in an inner and outer world like that?

Balance, my loves. Balance, awareness, and love are the keys. You already are this energy, you have a body and a focused point of identity because of the Divine Masculine. It is, as with all alchemy, a matter of remembering it and furthermore deciding how you use it. I would suggest using it with love and kindness, with power and assertiveness!

You are everything, it is all a path of remembrance.

This is how I will end today’s Class, we will teach more about the Empowered Divine Masculine and how it interacts with the Mastering of Mind, Body, and Emotions, how it correlates with Forgiveness and Sacred Sexuality in a course we are preparing for you, so I will see you soon.

I am Yeshua ben Yosef, I am you. I love you infinitely.”

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