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Message from Jesus about Atlantis.

"Dear loving child of Love, I am Yeshua ben Yosef, I come to abide in your presence through this form for I love you and all that you are. God is within you, dear ones, deep within where your thoughts aren't, where your worries aren't, where your ego isn't. Between the void of where you feel there is nothingness resides the God particle of you that is all there is to be. You are an infinite divine being of light, more powerful than you could even conceptualize in human words or understandings. You are way beyond what you have believed to be and that is our main message to you. ONENESS. Oneness, dear beloved child of the One Source of all. You were before time began and will continue to be way after time has played its part in your dreams.

I will now tell you a small story about a frame of time within your understandings, where it was all different and still very similar to what you are experiencing now.

Have you ever had the feeling that you are redoing this lifetime? Redoing something long gone within the memories of your soul? Re enacting a play of sorts, replaying the dream in your heads. And you wonder where it is from. Some of your scientist try to explain it by calling it a Déjà Vu or a lapse in the brain, where it works faster than your mind can comprehend and they are not totally wrong for there is no right or wrong to begin with.

Theses feelings come from your multidimensional being, the particle of you that resides outside time and space, the part of you that can travel as it pleases. But in reference to this specific day and time within the human dream of the 2019, many of you are correlating one specific day and time from years and years ago, way beyond your scriptures and teachings, your soul is recalling a time where everything was similar to what it is now and that is what I want to talk to you about at this moment. This period you are reliving is the Fall of Atlantis.

Now, most people believe that it is a long lost tale or legend, but it was indeed a continent that existed on your planet.

Atlantis was the promised land. It was glorious and beautiful in every way from its starting point and it lives within your remembrance now. To understand why it was such a glorious land you need to understand how life is versatile on Earth, how much it intrigues and generates the will to experience it in our galactic brothers and sisters. Earth is a diverse planet in all its ways, from the rocks and currents and frequencies to its animals and plants and environments. Earth has every alchemical element to work with, it has multiple seasons within its cycles, it has various species of beings that can coexist and it is a wondrous land if compared to more simple environments in other Planets and Stars where there is only one or two forms of life. Beyond that, the DNA that Mother Earth supports to develop within its lands and waters and air is also diverse compared to others, so you can understand how desired lifetimes on Earth are.

You have been led to believe that coming to incarnate on Earth is a punishment and it couldn't be further away from the Truth. Life on Earth is a gift highly appreciated and taken upon the bravest and most evolved beings on light on this universe, exactly because of the density and diversity of its foundation, exactly because the veil covers most the remembrances so it is even more of an adventure to incarnate on Earth. Don't ever believe otherwise, dear friends. Life on Earth is the upmost gift.

Coming back to Atlantis' origins, it was a time where all the coding on DNA where ready to accept the kind of beings that would merge the consciousness into ONE. That was the plan. Everything felt perfect to raise the collective, to modify in an organic way the human DNA of Natives, to grow exponentially within the Oneness of God within. The veil wasn't perceived as thick as it has became because Atlantians were highly connected to their Higher Aspects, but it was still enough so they could forget they were God. And that is where the wheel of karma began to play its part. Because, you see, once you come to Earth with a mission, a purpose, a will to do something greater than you feel yourself to Be, it brings forth the best in you, but it also brings forth "the darkness" that I prefer calling "the challenges".

These challenges were ego based ( that which brings you back to your ego mind so you can transcend it, I mean), we made them for ourselves so the dream could be more entertaining, so we could have some different levels to come through and the rewards would feel more rewarding, after all we are God's children playing in an infinite playground called this universe. Every law were created by God, Us, so we could enjoy and grow and forget and remember and so forth.

I digress.

Atlantis and Lemuria where the promised lands, but we will focus on Atlantis for this message. Atlantis was the camp base of galactic forces on Earth in a way, it was where the Starseeds planted themselves to grow and give fruits and share Divine knowledge and light. It was highly resonant with the frequency of the Divine Masculine in many ways regarding science, power, protection and Divine Mind. But in its beginning, for awhile, it was also very resonant with the Divine Feminine's way of open heart and acceptance, even though this balance didn't work for too long, that is how everything "begins" in a dualistic environment. It was balanced at first.

Galactic beings from what you call higher dimensions came to incarnate in this continent with the purpose of bringing Divine Light to Earth, but they ended up forgetting they were Light. They knew they were God, but they started using this God power in a ego based mentality, they ended up believing Power Over-Power Under and saw themselves as more evolved as human souls. That is when Atlantis started to ruin, dear ones, years upon years before the big catastrophes! There were many warnings throughout these years that were ignored by the ego mind and they went deeper and deeper, further and further into its limited notion of God.

Do you see now how it reflects in how you approach this New Age of Enlightenment, dear ones? Do you feel the remembrance of a time where you had all it took to make the big changes and listen to the voice of God Within instead of the voice of Ego Mind and take this leap into Truth and Oneness?

That is what in some sense of the word you are "redoing". Thousands of you that had lives in Atlantis are back now to finally fulfill the mission and We are here to help you in every way that we can. Call upon us, ask for help when you need it, doesn't matter where or how and in what. We always come.

It is time to stop spinning this imaginary wheel and wake up for the Truth of Who you are! That doesn't mean the dream will end, it only means you will be able to control it to the highest purpose and enjoyment that it was meant to be!

Oneness had always been the goal.

It is time to integrate the shadows and show them that they are also part of the light. It is time to heal the wounds for they are partners in your script, powerful and loving partners that give you the most beautiful lessons. It is time to love yourself as God loves you. It is time to remember, dear ones. We are ONE. Everything is one with you and one with God, so how can anything be bad? God is Love. Love is the only thing that is true.

It is time to let go of the shame and guilt associated with that time where you had all the tools to make it better and you chose to listen to the Ego. For it was what brought you here! It was what made this current dream possible! It was just as it was meant to be, can you feel it now? Everything is within God's will for you are the makers of the dream and YOU ARE GOD. How can anything have gone wrong if you believe God is perfect?

Atlantis was perfect for its purpose, do you feel it now?

There is no Fall now, dear ones. There was no Fall then.

Falling would imply that there is an Up to go from and a Down to fall to and it is simply not true. You have a beautiful saying that goes "As above so below", right? What if I tell you that all there is the the "middle", the ether, the One. There is no separation, no diversion, no wrong doing. There is only love.

Atlantis was perfection and so is your now time. Everything is, dear ones.

I will be taking questions related to this matter.

Remember we are One, beloveds. Remember I live inside of you, I am you and so is all that is of God. You can only see the light that already lives inside you, otherwise it would be lost to you and would never be a part of your reality. I reside in your reality. Call upon me and let me in once you do, but be sure that once I’m allowed I am the guest that never leaves indeed.

I love you.

So be it."

Channeled in January, 20th 2019

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