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Message from Jesus about our bodies and His truth about his body.

“You can see me everywhere, first and foremost: you will begin to see me in you. Dear loving child, I am Yeshua ben Yosef, Jesus you have called me and I choose to abide in your presence for you call me forth. So much joy of remembrance. I am here today to talk to you, to hold the loving light that you are and to assure you that it will be okay. It will all be okay, dear one. The time set upon Mother Earth right now is one of big changes as we have been saying for what you perceive to be many years now. We have been preparing you for these waves of ascension, as you decided to call it, for you are the ones who will bring the light forth. You have heard it before, haven’t you? In some space and time of your personal awakening you have heard these words in some form. You are the light of the world. You are lightworkers. You are the bringers,the barriers of divine light. And it is true. You are. Take it deep within yourselves, let it expend in your consciousness without judgement or fear for you are not alone, dear child. You can never be alone for you are all there is. The whole universe lives within you and we are here to remind you of that because you so chose to. You once asked us, the ones you call Ascended Masters and Guides and Angels and Archangels and Oneness. You asked, you were asked of and as a collective we abide together in the teaching and learning on Holy Mother Earth for you said it was time.

Now, time is a precious little concept you also chose to abide with, if you is a concept so well used within the barriers that you created to live within as an expression of the Father/Mother God on Holy Mother Earth,but you will begin to perceive it differently as you learn and teach, as you ascend. Time is a beautiful creation as any and every other you have in your disposal for your enjoyment as an incarnated being, so use it at your will. Enjoy it. Stretch it. Create within and without it. You will see how much fun it is once you begin to understand that you are the maker of it,had always been, so you can just chill out and have some fun with it as ones like to say. (He laughs) Dear loved one, I would like to call into attention your aches of the physical and emotional body. You see, life on Earth comes with a tool, it is in fact a tool, the whole experience is a manufacturing of your thoughts and wishes and desires and dreams to express. Your bodies are nothing but another tool. It will scream and fight at times and it is okay, as I said: It will all be okay. I would like to share with you that this beautiful matter, this precious tool you picked for yourself as you call this lifetime, is utterly and entirely perfect. Your body is perfect. How could it not be? You are light incarnated, you are oneness materialized as flesh and bones, you are an expression of God walking the face of Mother Earth and there is nothing that cannot not be whole,holy or perfect within and outside of you. You are healed. You are strong. You are flawless within your so called flaws. You are indeed light! Hold this feeling in your hearts and meditate upon it for a second. Get in touch with the golden flow of light that lives in your chest and feel its warmth, feel its power, feel its perfection. That is what you are. You are indeed healed. For every injury you cause upon yourself is nothing but another expression of God. Every ache and ever pain is nothing but an allowance of power within, an allowance of knowingness that you are divine enough to overcome it! You are holy enough to heal. That is why you bring it forth.

I dare you now to look at yourself and find that one trait you don’t particularly love, that one feature, that one pain or disease. Look at it, feel it, abide with it. What do you see? And now I will tell you what I see. I see love. I see wholeness. I see perfection. I dare you to see you through my eyes,beloved one, see yourself as the Christ that lives in you and love that part that you once called ugly, that you once called fat, undeserving, selfish, broken...hold that little child in your arms as if you were the guardian and tell them: it will be okay!

You are deserving! You are loved beyond measure. No matter how you see yourself as now: you are and will always be deserving of love for you are it!

Spread this feeling towards your brothers and sisters as well, acknowledge them as the Christ that they are no matter what phase they might be coming through, no matter how they are choosing to express their divinity, no matter if you may perceive it as wrong: love them nonetheless because that is your mission, my child.

You chose this day and time knowing exactly what challenges you would face for you knew you were strong and loving enough, and we thank you so dearly for it! Thank you for holding the light of God and embodying it. Thank you for helping lighting the way for those who cannot yet see the light that they are. And most of all, thank you for allowing yourself to love and to feel, for being here reading this message. We love you. Abide in this love, fill your being with it without fear to show or to feel, call us forth every time you cannot feel your own light and we will come for that’s our contract. We choose you as you choose yourself. You are just are powerful as any of us. Believe it.

Your holy perfect body was manifested by yourself so you could enjoy it, make good use of it.

So many of you were taught that one Yeshua that lived two thousand years ago was closer to God than you were so therefore he did not use the body, he did not need the body, he in fact was barely human. I come today to tell you that my truth was not that, and understand well when I say: my truth. For your truth is whatever you allow yourself to see and understand, your truth about my life might as well be different from what I’m telling you and that is your prerogative as a divine being living your own reality, there is no judgement in oneness.

But in my truth as the embodiment of Christ Consciousness in that lifetime so well known, I knew life just as you do. I had a body that I understood to be perfect, whole and holy. I knew my oneness with the Source, I knew myself to be capable of anything I set my heart on for I was one with everything there is, but I also enjoyed the body. I traveled, I ate, I danced and laughed and cried and loved. I was a men, flesh and bones like all of you. I was awaken, yes, but so are you! Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading those words, it is within your knowing and reality.

I had a beautiful life of enjoying the body for I knew it was granted for me to use as a gift, and I will tell you now that life on Earth is a precious gift that you should drive to every extend of loving expression of Self.

I was a master for those who needed some remembrance, yes, but I was also a son to a human women, a husband to a human wife, a father, a friend, a brother... as I am now. No less and no more. I meant it when I said you can do everything I did and more. We are one, my dear.

I will talk to you about instances of my life and my truths as you wish for I see it is important for so many of you in your moment of awakening, so ask me and I will answer. I thank you for aligning with my demonstration and ask of you to see me as your equal, your best friend, someone who is cheering for you.

You are the masters now, dear ones. Incarnated and manifesting the Father’s/Mother’s light. Ask me knowing you are all there is.

I love you. So be it.”

His energy today was even more joyful and playful than I usually feel when I channel his messages, but that probably speaks more about me than him. (haha) I hope this helped you connect as it did for me. Thanks for reading! Namaste

Channeled in December, 05th 2018

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