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Message from Jesus about predictions for 2019:

"You create your reality moment by moment for this is all there is: This moment.

Time as you see it is a creation of Earth, as you perceive it to be linear it gives the illusion that the past has gone and the future is coming, but only what matters is this right moment indeed. You hear it from many teachers and masters forgetting you are your own masters and teachers and everything you bring forth in your reality is of your making, so how can I give you the answers for your so called future? How can anyone else besides you answer for the longings of your souls?

When you realize and fully accept the responsibility of your own destiny everything will come into the place you so desire for you manifest what is in your heart. Home is in your heart. Your purpose is in your heart. Your Self is in your heart. If you are in alignment with your heart that is what your future will be. Align with the vibrant golden stream of pure Christ light in your hearts and go within it, bathe in it and breathe into it. It has all the answers for your wishes of predictions because there is no other way. Your light is what shines and illuminates your own way, my light is only a reflection of yours. You manifest whatever your light is focused upon, so I tell unto you now, my dear beloved friends and masters: your wishes are just outside the door. You created the door and you can open it at any time. It is yours. It is you.

In the beginning of what you call every Year we hear many questions on what is coming for the next twelve months, we hear you asking for guidance and we come, dear ones, we always come. But we cannot do it FOR you, we can only do it WITH you. You are the prophets and the masters and the teachers and the Christ. Take back your power for you have been giving it away for far too long now, as you perceive time. Embrace the totality of you.

If I can tell you anything about the year of 2019 is that it is indeed a year of energetic changes. Happy changes. Easier changes than the previous years, but far more important ones. It is finally time for the so longed Union to behold Holy Mother Earth. You have all united your own energies to bring this change upon your realities and it is happening in great scales now, dear ones.

Have you realized how fast things are manifesting now? Take a moment to realize how fast things are coming to fruition. It is the energetic change you have been calling forth, it is here, dear ones. You brought it forth because if first occurred within yourself. Use it. Use it for making your wishes come true. Use it to bring forth the changes you want. Do no let it loose and hope for some other entity to do it for you, you are the powerful ones, my beloved. The changes are yours. The outside of you will change as you change the inside and that is why everything is happening like it is right now, the allowance you bring forth from your hearts is what makes the path possible, so doubt not. You don't need anyone’s permission, but if you want mine you have it, dear one. You are the makers of your own reality, we will tell you this until you fully grasp that there is nothing outside of you. I am you. God is you. Joy is you. Love is you. Love needs to permission to be.

Just be, my dears. Be what you wish to accomplish this year and it will come effortlessly.

I am Yeshua ben Yosef and I am here, I never left and never will leave. I need you as much as you need me for you are the ones holding the form now, dear ones. My mission is your mission. We are one. More than ever you will start to realize that. The New Age is upon you for it is You.

Call me, not for you need my permission or my blessing even though it is always yours. Call me for we are one with the same heart, for we are ready to bring the light of Christ to anchor in Holy Mother Earth. Call me as a friend, as an equal. Allow me to show myself as I am and behold me for the brother I am to you. There is no separation, dear ones. We are One.

I love you with an undying endless love.

So be it.” Namaste.

Channeled in January, 3rd 2019

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