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Message from Mariam (Mary Magdalene) :

“ Beloved, I am Mariam and I am with you whenever you call upon me, whenever you think of me. I am you. This day and age is so important for your generation for it’s time for great changes.

I see you looking back in what you call your past searching for answers in another lifetimes and it is a very good practice.

Everything is one with the Source, there is no separation in time, it is all so very connected.

You’ve been carrying baggage from what you perceive to be a passed lifetime, things you wish you did different and are here to resolve, fears you had been carrying around, traumas you push through.

That pain in your heart is a sign that you are alive activating a body again, savor it, feel it’s intensity and let it go.

Practice the act of forgiving yourself. Whatever happened is worth forgiving, is deserving of love.

Bring your light back to your center and bathe in it, let it flow through your core and shine as bright as the sun for you are this being.

You activate your body by yourself, you see, you are your own God. You are the one punishing yourself.

Take a step back and look at you like you look to a child. Like you look a wounded horse, tired of walking miles and miles carrying all that baggage, all those things upon his or her backs. Look at this magnificent animal, so mistreated and feeling so alone, what do you feel? Compassion. You feel the deep desire to offer this horse some water and food, some shelter and most of all, some love. You don’t judge the animal for the reasons that brought him there, you don’t feel like he is worth any less because he is tired, you don’t think he should parish. You see god in him. But you also know that he is meant to be somewhere, after all he has all that baggage with him, he is meant to get somewhere with it. So you offer the horse all you can offer until he is strong enough and you set him free to his destination. No judgement, only love.

Treat yourself with the same kindness. First of all know that you need only be, there’s nothing more asked of you than what you choose to ask. But respect yourself and your choices enough to give yourself a pat on the back, nurture yourself with some love and warm shelter and then set yourself free on the road again. You made the road and it’s yours until you say so. You are doing a beautiful job, my dear ones.”

She came forth after Yeshua gave his message yesterday and she was kind enough not to overwhelm me. (hahaha) Their energy together is something else... She is very energetic I feel, very passionate, but also very still and loving. Her energy is in fact nurturing, it’s like love comes out from every pore. Hope you can feel her healing light, my friends. Namaste

Channeled in November, 11th 2018

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