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Message from Mary Magdalene/ Mariam about our essence and dreams:

“My dear loving child, it is I, Mariam. I’ve been called many names, ones of which you have not accepted very fondly, but fret none, it is me all the same.

Names are not really as important as what lies within, and inside my being I have only love for all of human kind.

My love is bright as the light that pulses inside of you. The infinite light that is your soul and shines brighter than a thousand suns. The light of the divine source of all love.

That light is balance, the true nature of you is balance and light. Pure golden streams of love and compassion, of creativity and power, of strength and tenderness. That is what you are, my loves.

I had many lives and bodies that taught me so much about the life in your planet. I know your pains and your joys, I have been through it all. I knew life as a mother in many ways, sometimes children that came from my womb, sometimes ones that came from my heart. I loved all of them nonetheless, because you see, we are way more than the body. This matter is immensely important to your learning and you should treat it well as we will talk about in other times, but it is not you.

The real you is light. It’s made of a river of flowing energy, a sea of possibilities is always within your grasp because you are ONE with your dream. Never underestimate that your ability to create is infinite, you can give birth to anything you desire. Don’t be afraid to give birth to a new reality, this is how you create everything. You can do anything.

Be bold. Be brave. Be love.

I am Mariam. I love you.” When I saw her the first thing that came to me was pink/magenta light taking over everything and turning all it touched warm and better. I saw a beautiful smile,long and wavy dark hair, she wore a simple tunic and had bare feet. I saw a bright golden light around her womb and felt a strong feminine energy, I also felt a strong connection to Archangel Michael. She resonated with the energy of rose quartz. She is beautiful and loving in every way, I hope you feel her while you read this.

Thank you, my friends.


Channeled in November, 2nd 2018

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