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Message from Mary Magdalene about her life and the Womb Wound

“Dear loving child I greet you with love and blessings of grace. I am Mary Magdalene and I am thrilled to work with all of you in your process of awakening, it’s beautiful to see how much commitment each one of you have with this matter and I would like to put myself at your best service at this moment. I love each and every one of you. We are one.

Today I would like to talk a little bit about the physical body as I said we would in previous channeled messages, but more specific I would like to address the womb wound I sense, most particularly on women at this day and time you call your XXI century. Women and men have suffered under the patriarchal society for thousands upon thousands of years and now I see a point of culmination occurring,the feminine energy on Earth had been suppressed, misused, abused and treated like it’s devilish so much that most of you lost touch with it. The trauma is too deep, the fears are too fresh.

In my time as Mariam, Mary Magdalene you have called me, I was tagged as a deviant woman. It did not begin with the Church centuries after our demonstration, I saw it with my own eyes and felt it with my own heart more times that I could count. My relationship with my beloved Yeshua was a different one for he treated me as an equal and not as a propriety, and I treated him as a friend, a teacher, a lover, a piece of myself, instead of kneeling at his grandiosity I stood by his side as One and as you can imagine it turned a lot of heads our way. We were different.

But way before that, way before I was put in the sight for the community to see me as Yeshua’s wife (and doubt not, people knew we were a couple even if it doesn’t show in your scriptures), I had always been what you might call a women ahead of my time. I came with the mission of bringing back the Divine Feminine to the center of the conversation so people could start to heal that hidden part within themselves, it had been long enough that women and men forgot they were also capable to embody and ground this energy within themselves, I wanted to help. But before I could help humanity heal this aspect of themselves, in a more ethereal and feminine way of healing than what Yeshua was doing, I felt like I needed to come through some demons of my own and that I needed to learn and remember the art of going within and finding the God in me. Being a women ahead of my time, I was constantly miss judged by my community for I wanted to be the contrast that the planet needed, I wanted to invoke this knowingness inside of people so they could get in touch with the Divine Feminine and it was not always an easy path. I studied with the Essene community for a few years before heading to Tibet and learning the art of putting the pieces of myself together so I could be whole and remember I was One with all the is. I learned meditation techniques, I learned to connect to Mother Earth in a deep level, I learned chantings and voice frequencies that could evoke cure upon people, I learned how to use crystals and herbs to infuse water and many other modalities. But most of all I learned I was capable of it. And that’s what I aimed and still aim to do for you most of all, I wish to remind you of your own power.

Your power lives in your womb area. Your sacral chakra, as we might call so we don’t focus only upon the physiology of women. That’s where your power comes from, that’s where you store your creativity and will, and that translates to inner power. The power of creation. And right now so many of you have forgotten your ability to create. Even when you know you can create everything you want, you put judgement upon yourselves and you don’t feel you can,you know with the head and not with the heart.

This integration between the head and the heart is what brings forth the cure of the womb wound. Female energy being the heart in this equation, Male energy bring the head. Female energy being the heart chakra here, Male energy being the sacral chakra. There is no separation but the one you perceive, but as you perceive you create, therefore you create this space between the two and it becomes your reality. You create even when you don’t know you are creating, my beloved ones. I’ll share with you that one of your most powerful tools of creation is your thoughts. Thoughts become matter, thoughts become reality. Learn to choose your thoughts and you will begin to choose your reality.

But coming back to the womb wound, now directing to women. As women we store all of our interactions in the uterus. Therefore all of the emotions are kept inside your Yoni. Know you the word Yoni? It’s Sanskrit to the organ able to create and give life, the whole reproductive system of a woman is her Yoni, even if it’s referred more as her vagina, it means more than that. Sanskrit is a beautiful language.

These emotions kept in the Yoni are not only the ones of a lifetime or of self, women store emotions from their fellow ancestor women and from passed lifetimes as well. Trauma being the main ingredient that causes vast problems within the female collective, traumas from this life, from every interaction from other lifetimes and every interaction from their ancestors. It is a lot to take in, I know. But I wish for you to think about this with an open heart and do not put judgement on the equation, lift it and leave it, you don’t need it anymore.

Healing these traumas is the most important step on your ascension process right now, that’s why you embody the Feminine. It is time for this collective womb wound to be healed so there can be integration between the Feminine and Masculine aspects of human beings, society and divinity within your consciousness. As women you chose the bumpy road, or the bumpier road, but know you are never alone in this. Invoke me. Invoke Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Isis,Lilith, your ancestors, the Divine Feminine, Mother Earth...invoke beings that share your frequency and ask for healing help in your process of releasing the traumas. Get rid of it. You don’t need this any longer. You are the pioneers, my beloved friends and sisters, as one day I was. Do not fright it, rejoice in it. Rejoice in your Yoni and its power, its ability to create and give life is a blessing and a miracle, once you are in touch with it and the female energy balances out with the male energy you can fully embody your Divine Feminine and flourish.

I came across this same opportunity in my lifetime as Mariam, I discovered that I first needed to heal myself before I could really heal anyone else for if I didn’t integrate the parts of me that I separated from myself, I could never fully see another being as whole. As God. And we are God, beloved ones. We are one.

I know many of you may have questions about my life, about how you can be practical about this healing process and I am always available, dear ones. I am always with you and I welcome your wish to connect to me.

Rejoice, beloved friends. These are beautiful times upon Holy Mother Earth. We are so thankful for your willingness to be a part of it. I love you. I am Mary Magdalene and I am here for you. Always. Namaste.”

I’ll share with you that connecting to her this time was pretty hard because every time I felt her close I felt my own womb traumas surface, I knew she wanted to bring this forth so I guess I really tuned in with the message and boy, is it hard! (Hahaha) I’ve been meditating on this,learning all I can and just now as she gave her message and I read back that I understand I’ve been doing it using my head instead of my heart because I’m afraid to fully feel and bring up those traumas,so’s a lot to take as she said,but I believe that by bringing this subject up we can help each other and also we can all connect to her and ask for her loving help. So let’s try this,my friends! Send your questions and I will do my best to connect. Thank you for reading! Love and light

Channeled in December, 14th 2018

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