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Message From Mary Magdalene about Shame

Beloved sisters and brothers of God Within, I am Mariam, Mary Magdalene you have called me, and I come today again through this channel for we are One. I am one with her and one with you and that is why you are reading this. Remember that. The Light that I am is the Light that you are. I hold each and every one of you so dearly in my heart and soul, I love that which you are. Always.

Today I wanted to talk about shame and how it keeps you stuck in the old patterns of disempowerment. It does not serve you any longer, so today I urge you: let it go.

You are perfect beings of the purest Divine Light and Sound, darkness and music and frequency and everything in between. Would you judge the song of a free bird spreading love into nature? That is what you are at all times. That is your true nature, my beloved ones.

You are the all in nothingness, the light and the dark. Honor that.

You are the ones in bodies now. Honor that as well.

We come and play roles for you as you wish us to do, as we accorded to, as we love to. And that does not make us higher or better, that only makes us not part of the veil. You are so quick to judge self because it is really hard for you to see your True beauty, your own Divinity expressed in every action, every so called mistake, every breath taken into your lungs…it is all a miracle.

I see so many waiting for the big “a-ha” moment, the big call, the big awakening…while you keep looking externally you neglect what is already given.

It is yours.

You are the “A-ha” moment, dear ones.

Everything you do, everything you say, every action and reaction, and even the ego…yes, even the ego is God. It is all part of the Whole that is you, that are we.

What if tomorrow you woke up and the first time you saw the sun you thought it was the “a-ha” you were looking for?

What if the next time you feel love and compassion you could look at you as being the Enlighten One?

What if you could look at you with the innocence of a child and realized how impossible it is to be disconnected from God?

The fear fades away. The judgment goes. The path is clear to the purest form of Love to come through you as you raise your frequency and allow yourself to be the Highest expression of you there is.

Judgment towards self is what drives you to being ashamed, it is what gets you to the point of giving away your power so strongly that you believe you are not deserving of love. And this no longer serves.

Suffering is a choice, dear ones. It might not seem that way, but it is. You can always choose Love instead and that is the role I play for you now. My role is to empower you. To help you see that there is beauty in each piece of you, that there is power in tenderness, that there is love in being assertive, that sometimes boundaries serve you way more than embracing every single thing as your own.

I am here to tell you that it is okay. Whatever you feel, you can feel. Whatever you are, you can be. Whatever you want, you already have.

You are deserving.

You are Divine Creators.

And you wouldn’t be on Holy Mother Earth right now if you were not already Ascended, as you call.

Take that deep into your consciousness.

I am here for you, for as long as you want me to. Call me in and let me walk the path with you. Let me empower you.

I love you.

Sat nam hari om. Message channeled by Annie Rios on March, 14th 2019

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