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Message from Mary Magdalene and The Magdalenes about energy changes on Earth:

Mary Magdalene: “The energetic changes around the Globe have been influencing all of you and I see so much talk about that in your circles. I am Mary Magdalene and today I bring forth some very special beings to aid in our mission of balancing the energies in your environment and in your bodies. I ask you now to take a deep breath and close your eyes for a second... feel the golden magenta energy coming alive inside of you and greet it with a smile. I love you, dear ones. And so it is.” The Magdalenes: “We are the Magdalenes, we greet thee with profound love and honor, for you are the light on this planet. We bring you a short message on this day, it’s actually more of a request if you will. Stay still. Breathe deep. Wait. Take it slow. See the light that you are and sit with it for a awhile every day, just stare at it if you cannot feel it inside you yet, invite it in and receive. Sit with that light and explore it as you wish, in your own time. Everything’s right according to divine time. Take a breath and calm down. While the energies around you float and rush, take a step back. Observe it without taking part of it as much as you can. It’s time to be gentle to yourselves, to treat yourself with kindness and compassion, that is the best you can do to help yourselves and the collective. The more you resist those energies the more you feel them, the more they affect you. So just sit by as an observer and watch how every little piece of the puzzle is coming together in grace. We are always here, we listen, we act in small whispers of breeze. Sit still and call upon us, we will help you energize your astral bodies and help you balance your physical matter. Just call, dear ones. We are the Magdalenes and we love you dearly. Namaste.” I realized this time Mary Magdalene referred to herself as she is mostly known around the world and not as Mariam like she usually calls herself when she talks to me, I feel like it is a way to be even more inclusive in this message. Today she was wearing a red robe/dress and had the hair out in beautiful waves, no shoes on and always a smile on her face. She’s just glorious. This morning on my meditation She took me for the first time to a red tent filled with other light beings, some of them presented themselves to me as Quan Yin, Isis, Mother Mary, Martha and others I cannot bring myself to remember how to write their names (hahaha) sorry. They sat me upon a big Rose Quartz rock and circled around it touching the stone and sent me energy that embraced me in a spiral of pink light, my whole body heated up and started buzzing like crazy! I guess that was not only for me though, they wanted me to share the experience so other people could receive the same healing love to help us balance those energies. Try it out! Thank for reading,my friends. Love you! Channeled in November, 23rd 2018

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