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Message from Yeshua about Fear of Your Own Power and Persecution

Beloved friends and family of God Within, it is in great joy that once again I come to abide with you through this form. Great joy indeed.

I would like to talk a little bit about embracing your own Divine Power without Fear.

This comes from a conversation we had with a dear companion of mine, one I’ve traveled to every Planet and every dimension with, one that is my equal and my One, one that much like you holds some fears of persecution and has some difficulties releasing those emotions.

I say to you what I said to her, my beloveds:

Choose what you lay your focus upon. You have this power to pick what you want to set your mind, emotions and feeling on. So choose the loving thing consistently.

Choose happy thoughts, choose whatever FEELS right at the present moment, choose to hear the voice of God within. The more you pay mind to the littlest part of you that is the Ego, the bigger it seems to be when in truth it is only fighting to stay put in the center of the stage.

The ego feels it is losing the leading role and it will try to fight, you win it by not fighting back with more resistance, if you just allow and keep choosing the loving thing the ego will end up accepting it for it will stop feeling threatened. Does it make sense to you, beloved?

The more you fight back the more the Ego understands it needs to keep its armor’s up. It is like that with every confrontation you might face. I again tell you to turn the other cheek. It only means choosing the Loving thing to do, the loving thing to say, the loving thing for You.

Your earthly truth is not one with the Capital T, it is one that is so malleable, so easy to get caught up on that you believe it is Divine, but in fact the only thing that is Divinely Truth is Love. Love is the only thing that is Real. If you’re choosing Love, you know you are choosing the right thing for you and for everyone involved in the beautiful earthly play.

So play your roles, my beloved family. Each and every one of you has a valuable role to play for yourself and for the collective. The more you choose to shower your role with Love the easier the earthly life gets and the easier it seems to be to connect with God Within you and Within others. I say “seems” because you are never disconnected, you are One with all there is.

I am part of that Oneness. I am not apart from you, I am not an entity away that you need credits to achieve nor a symbol on your walls, I am the Christ that lives in you. We are One.

I love you, dear ones. Choose to love like the Christ. So it is.

Message Channeled on April, 10th 2019

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