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Message from Yeshua ben Yosef:

“Everything is one. One with you, with me, with love,with God. Holy Father, Holy Mother, Holy Mother Earth. We are all in unity.

Breathe deep into this message, feel your oneness with nature, with brothers and sisters. Take a deep breath of light and let it fill in your lungs with love and grace for we are infinite beings of the same light. The light that I am, that I showed two thousand years ago, is the same light that burns in you.

It’s not the first time you tapped into this light in your lifetimes, remember: we have always been one. Father - daughter, teacher - student, lover, priestess... The light you see in others, in the world, in the sky is that same light.

Yes,it is me speaking to you my dear loving child, you are so loved and needed at this day and time. We are so thankful for your disposition to come back and give Earth another try. Another try in love and peace within.

I am Yeshua ben Yosef, your father, your brother, your one. I love you.” That was the very first time I wrote down the things I hear from him and He wanted me to share it with you.

That day I saw him through my mind’s eye like he was coming through a bright white golden light which he was also made of. I hope this message warms your hearts like it warmed mine.

Thank you for reading.


Channeled in October, 30th 2018

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