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Message from Yeshua ben Yosef about eternal life and grieving:

“Your world goes around and around. Some of those turns are more flowery than others looking through human eyes. Some humans are not prepared to understand certain things, but if you’re here, you are. Understand this: Life is made to be lived in harmony and happiness, in union and love.

In my life as Yeshua I fathered children that were infinitely loved and infinitely different amongst themselves, contracts that we made eons of time before we incarnated in that age, contracts that were very fruitful, bounds that we had and always will have. I love them equally, even in their vast differences. Each one had a mission and, for some of them, that mission was brief.

See, I in all my enlightenment, as you may call, learned more with those little ones than with the masters of Tibet or India, than with my Essene friends. Do you know why? Because they taught me through the purest unconditional love.

The purest knowledge comes from love and they showed me more than I could see in all my travels. But, as I said, some of them had shorter mission than others. Some of them came and left the physical body when they were still children. And if you ask me: “Yeshua, was it easy to say goodbye to them in this dimension?” The answer you already know. It wasn’t. They were my light, my sun ray on Earth, the closest I had ever been to God. I know that this story still isn’t told amongst your communities, but believe me when I tell you that those little giants took me to a bigger ascension than I could imagine, even understanding so vastly about the secrets of the universe. I knew exactly where they were, who they’ve been and why they came, and even then my dear Mariam and I shed tears for them. Some tears because we missed them, yes, we were as human as you. As special as you. Because we all are. Retain this information in your hearts: we are equal in Greatness, my love. We are One.

And like that we said goodbye for a while to some of our beloved children, with the certainty that we would see each other soon, but with a little heaviness in our chests. You see, my dear ones, I at that time I had already “ascended to heaven” as it is in your scriptures, I had already resurrected, and still this experience, this contact with my children at that time, made me even more human and more divine. Exactly as it is for you at this life and this time.

When I talk to you about this love of a Father to a child, I want you to understand that it extends not only to your children of body, but to your children of soul, those that in this lifetime can be so many things of so many forms. I’m talking about that divine and unconditional love, that love we feel is what enlightens us more than any cross. More than any experience.

And that is why we come to Holy Mother Earth, my beloved! It is for those experiences that we volunteer and give it one more shot. That love that bonds us together and enlightens us is the best gift that we could give ourselves.

In all my years as Yeshua, I lived many battles. Not those with swords and stones, but internally. I felt different for many years, distant and abandoned. I rebelled, I suffered, I cried. I was just as human as you. And just as divine as you. You inspire me in each breath that you take, each step that you give, for you are living in this unconditional love. My Mariam and I are eternally grateful for the lessons that you brought us, we are eternally grateful for our little giants that left for another adventure, supposedly leaving us here at that time, with our pulsating love and the certainty that LIFE HAS NO END.

That is what they exampled me with when they left the body, do you understand? They proved me that love goes on, forever alive and warm in our chests, in our souls. My Mariam and I looked at the sky searching for this love and we found out that it was inside of us, always was, always would be. For we are the stars, we are the love, the air, the trees, the river...We were them and they were us.Those children proved us without a shadow of a doubt that we are ONE.

So, the only thing left was gratefulness and love in our hearts, for we were sure that the lesson that they came to offer was concluded. They taught us that there is no distance between Heaven and Earth, as you may call it. I needed their example to understand it that deeply, so I could understand that love survives any obstacle that we may find on Earth. Take that in. Believe it in every breath, every barrier, for you are it all.

Comfort your hearts in love, in peace, and have the certainty that I had with that experience. We live forever, my beloved ones.

I am Yeshua ben Yosef.

And so it is.”

This message came to my family in a very hard and needing moment. It gave us a lot to think about, but most of all it brought us some peace in our grieving, so I thought it might help some of you as well. We accepted it without judgement or old notions formed about the parts of Jesus’ life as we’re used to hear,I found him to be even more vulnerable than usual in this message and I’m so grateful for being able to hear and feel it. When I saw him he was holding in his arms the one we “lost” recently and all I could feel was joy and peace. That’s what I hope you’ll feel,my friends. Much love. Namaste

Channeled in November, 03rd 2018

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