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Message from Yeshua ben Yosef about Insecurities

“It is a powerful subject to talk about, and I guess my beloved Mariam would be even better to speak of it because she was the most confident woman I‘ve ever met, and that was beautiful. It was so, so beautiful to see.

Being within your own power means that you accept yourself in your totality. That you are not blaming yourself for anything. For anything on your human perspective or on your Divine perspective. It means that you are not putting any weight on your shoulders, and thinking that you need to do more than you already are doing, because you are everything that you need to be already, and it is beautiful. This experience is beautiful.

It is important to master the human experience just as much as the divine experience, and to master it is not to control it, it is to let go. It is to understand that God lives in the darkness. God lives in the stillness of the heart, within everything. God is the void between your cells.

God is everywhere and it is beautiful to see God in others. It’s so powerful. And none of you have a hard time doing that. None of you starseeds have a heart time doing that. You can see God in others so easily, but it is so hard for you to see God in you. And there are many ways to explain that, there are many timelines, there are many dimensions. But mostly, it comes from the fear to not being valued, because so many, many, many times you suffered with it.

The collective of the lightworkers has a karmic experience to release. You have a similar karma to release together. It’s not only within your own essence, as you understand linear time and timelines and past lifetimes. It is of the collective. It is so because many times you were consciously more connected to the Divine than others, so you might have thought that you used that to subdue others that were not as connected as you. So even if it did not happen for you in what you perceive now as a linear time in other lifetimes, you are all purging that, you are all bringing that forward so you can transmute it and can never let it come back to the collective again. So children that are born now, are not going to carry that karma anymore. That need to feel less so you can be the victim, so you can play that role now.

You as lightworkers are the ones that are taking care of that karma exactly because you have done it so many times already. You have played the victim and you have played the aggressor many and many and many times. More than you can count. So you came to this present lifetime, not carrying particularly hard karmas for yourself but for the collective so you can help them transmute those karmas, so other beings that are incarnating on Earth now are not bringing that anymore, and they won’t have the feeling that they have to be less than anyone. That is how you feel now, and that is why it is so difficult for you to find your own power.

Because every time you feel empowered, every time that you start feeling confident, you have that magnetic force pulling you and showing you that if you express your full divinity, you’re going to be different from others. And others are going to look at you as if you are higher up the spectrum, let’s say. And this is what brings about the uneasiness in your chests. Because you do not want to be seen as something above anyone. Know you can always go within and understand that you are here to empower others, you’re not here to play a small part and to be the tiny little ant that no one likes, that everyone wants out of the house, no.

You’re here to play the part of the welcoming visitor. You are here to play the part of your Divine Self. And being your divine self is not being above anyone.

How do you think that I got so much of the job done? I wasn’t afraid of my divinity, I wasn’t afraid to be known, to be seen, to be talked about. And there are so many examples now and then, through all the space-time continuum.

You did not come here to play that small part that needs to be feeling weak so others can feel empowered. Because this is also a very important part of your mission, to empower others. So you feel like you need to be less so others can be above you. But it is not supposed to be like that. It’s supposed to be in Oneness. And you can only be in Oneness when you achieve that understanding that God is you. That God is within you, and if others are going to look at you as being above them because they don’t understand that they can also achieve that divinity, it’s ok. So be it.

Try to show them that they can go to your level. And I don’t like using that terminology because it implies separation, but it’s for your understanding.

What I mean by it is that if they feel like you’re a level above them, give them the hand so they can come up. Don’t go down the level anymore. That is how you empower yourself. That is how you feel confident within yourself. Knowing that it is ok to be seen for something that you are not. It is very empowering to release the perception of others from your reality. Because it doesn’t matter what other people are thinking about you. What they think of you is a mirror of their own experience. And it’s ok, it is beautiful as well.

You can choose your perspective, you can choose what you want to mirror. The most important thing you can do right now, is stopping with the feeling that you need to be less so others can be more and own your Divinity. Own it that you are powerful beings, if you were not, we would not be here right now. We would not be having that conversation because it would not matter, you would not be ready as many others aren’t, and it’s ok. And what do we want for them? We want them to be ready too. We want to spread Oneness and Love. You can always choose love.

Look at yourself and see love, because that is what you are. And that is so empowering. To see what a beautiful, beautiful being you are.

You are not being conceited, you’re not being presumptuous. If you see me as being God, you see yourself as being God. I am You. This communication is a proof that I am you. I am Annie. I am Flavia. I am Tanja. And I am all of you that are reading this. Because I know many will be, and I love each and everyone of you. And I am each and everyone of you. It is empowering to see yourself as the God that you are. It is just as much as it is empowering to see me as the God that I am. Because I am only reflecting your own divinity. I can never say that enough. Every ounce of light that you see in me, you can only see it because it is already in you.

You are so, so powerful. All of you. You were not guided here by chance, I brought each and everyone of you here because we are One and we have a job to do, because we chose to. We don’t have to, we could go play if we want now. This is play, this is fun, right? This communication.

So we can live in this innocence. Live in this innocence that we are enough. No matter what we are doing. Even if we are not helping each other, even if we are not spreading the love: Being the Love is enough. And once you are that love, you will start seeing that reflected back at you and you will understand how powerful you are. You will understand how confident you already are. This communication is a beautiful example of the confidence of all of you, of the trust in God Within. All of you that are guided here.

So look at you with loving eyes. And if you’re having a hard time doing that, try to look at you through my eyes. Because I love you unconditionally, always and forever. Even before time was created and beyond that. There are no human words to express my love for you. And my gratitude for this communication.

You are ready. Feel the power. Feel my power, it is your power, and it is God’s will within you. As I told to this one: there’s no strains in the path of God.

Thank you, dear ones. Thank you for your openness. Thank you for being willing to do this. Thank you for allowing me to come and to be here. Even though I am always here. But I like to speak like that, and I love you.

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