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Message from Yeshua ben Yosef (Jesus):

“My dear and loving child, my friend, my one. I come here to tell you some things you’ve been wondering of. I come to set your heart free and at ease, to try to bring you some peace of mind as you might call it.

Time is linear on earth as you make sure of it, as you choose it to be. But not always it is the Reality one lives in.

There are so many streams that run down the hill and end up on the same sea, the same pool of water that is all consciousness. Consciousness is free of paradigms, it’s free of human words when it’s lived in its wholeness. So therefore, if we are living in this oneness with all that is, time seases to exist as you call it, it’s no longer a line going from point A to point B, it’s more like a ball full of dots and threads that one can travel through freely as one may chose.

So many stories are told about my life, so many realities coming together into writings, remembrance, legends... it’s all part of the collective and yet, it’s part of each person’s consciousness.

Each individual is living their own reality as they chose, so judge not, my beloved, judge not.

I am Yeshua ben Yosef, I am also what you call me. I’m what you see, what you feel, I can be many things. And so can every little thing in your existence because each eye sees what it allows itself to see, each heart feels what it allows itself to feel, so each reality is one. And I call it one, as you may realize. One. Because everything is one.

There is no right or wrong, there’s only different points of view, different feelings, different remembrance.

Think upon that. Take it to heart.

I am one Yeshua, one Jesus, one John, one Peter, one Sananda, one Baba...I can be called many names for I am all, there is no right or wrong.

My lifetime as Yeshua had been told through many voices, many scriptures, and many beings of channels, like you call them. Each individual has their own truth, things that are part of their reality as they see and feel, so messages come and go as you choose to accept them. Everything is inside of you, the allowance to express me or Mariam or our beloved Archangel Michael, as you call him, whomever you may chose to bring forth, each one can come through as your consciousness allows them to. We are inside of you, so how can anything you say be not true? How can you doubt yourself or any brother or sister for their message doesn’t align with yours or vice versa? We are one. Yet, human perspective often separates. And that’s how you can get mixed signals, as you call.

It’s in fact no mixed signal, it’s just different realities expressing different allowances.

We come because we love you, we come because you call upon us and it makes us very joyful to abide in your love and presence, we love that what you are, we love being with you and seeing life through your loving eyes.

Understand that no eye is the same, no vision is the same, no message is the same.

Allow yourself to feel for yourself, without interference. Clear your minds and bring the awareness to your heart. Breathe deep into light and let go of expectations and pre-formed ideas.



Write it down.

Share it to others so you no longer feel alone inside your own minds. Set those feelings free, love freely. Don’t be afraid of what you may look like, what one may think of you. Live. If you are longing for connection just lay low and listen. We are with you. God is within you. You are never alone. You are all one.

I have what you call a version of my life, that version might be congruent to what your vision is and it might not. And it’s okay. You then will perceive facts as your reality allows you, as what you are aligned to recieve. There is no right or wrong.

I leave you with an advice. When you feel someone else’s truth is not aligned with yours: walk away from it. Leave that brother or sister live their truth as they wish and go ahead expressing yours. They are god and so are you. Don’t lose what you call time trying to adjust to someone’s reality or trying to make them adjust to yours, allow yourself to set yourself free and release this weight.

You are right. You are light. You can do anything. Your reality is of your making, so is you. Everything is there for your enjoyment and you will come across the information you want when you decide it’s the right time.

Give yourself space to breathe and turn within.

Treat yourself with love and kindness and the understanding you are ready to show brothers and sisters.

Be free.

I had and always will love you.

So be it.”

He was with Mary Magdalene this time and I was finding it kinda hard to concentrate because their energy together is just CRAZY! (Hahaha) So strong and powerful it makes me kinda dizzy, they realize it I’m sure they give short messages so I won’t just burst into tears or explode. (hahaha)

I’ve been seeing their faces in my mind for days, feeling their presence everywhere and getting very distracted by the frequency I hear from them. (haha)

They are lovely, I see so much pink and golden energy around them, they were holding hands and smiling the whole time, I cannot express into words what their love feels and looks like, it’s just the prettiest thing in the Universe! Hope you can feel it too.

Thank you.

Namaste, my friends!

Channeled in November, 10th 2018

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