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Message from Yeshua (Jesus) about Impulsivity

Dear and beloved family of God Within, I am Yeshua ben Yosef, Jesus you have called me, and I come to abide with you once again for we are One and there is nowhere I can go that you are not. I wouldn’t even if I could. That is how much I love you.

Today we will talk about impulsivity.

It comes from a place of judgement and reaction. When you react to something, it shows that you are afraid. And when you are afraid, it shows that you need more love.

So you should not judge people when they are impulsive, when they are reactive. I don’t like to use the word should, this is the best one I can find right now with the vocabulary your language provides. It is, as any sort of fear, a way to show that the person needs love, that the person feels like a beaten animal, like a little dog that got beaten and is afraid of you touching it, when it actually really, really craves your touching. It is afraid because it doesn’t know the loving touch.

It happens the same way with being impulsive (being too reactive) it shows that once in your life (maybe this lifetime, and maybe other lifetimes) you felt the need to react fast, you thought that your life was in danger. You felt that you were in danger, or maybe your family, maybe someone that you loved and you felt like you needed to react fast at something, otherwise, “off with the head”, right?! Those were “fight or flight” experiences that you had many, many times on Earth and other places too. And that is where that feeling comes from.

But it only shows that that person needs a little bit more of love within themselves. It’s a call for self love. You can show them compassion, you can show them forgiveness, and you can show them love.

So instead of reacting back, don’t feel offended, it is not you, it is something within them. It is something that you triggered in them, something that brings them remembrances from a time where they needed to react very fast or they wouldn’t be safe. Before they can believe that they are safe, before that they can feel that they are protected within themselves, you show them that: You show them security, you show them compassion and you show them love. That is the best that you can do. Always.

It is like me when I come here. I talk to you and I answer your questions… I’m just giving you a little bit of what you need because I’m playing a role for you and I’m very happy to play that role. Even if in my being, I know that you don’t need me. I know that you are God just as much as I am and before you took that form, before you chose that body and that experience, you saw yourself like that too. You could see that you are God.

Life on Earth can get very tricky and there are many obstacles, or what you call obstacles. And you came here to overcome them, well…not always overcome them, that’s your choice really. Sometimes you come here to be with the obstacles and to love them as well. And to be your authentic self, doesn’t matter what. But I digress...

So, the act of being impulsive is just another call for love. And that is what we can offer who is going through one of those moments, that is the role that we can play for them: the role of the lover, the compassionate brother or sister, the role of the beholder. When we are impulsive, we can play that same role, look within and ask ourselves: “Why do I feel like I need to react like that?” and “What if I just took a moment and thought for a little bit and spent some time with myself and asked my inner child: What do you need now? Why are you afraid?”

That’s how you can help yourself feeling protected and safe on your own skin. You can be your own guardian angel. Imagine your Ego as a child. A small child calling for love. Wanted to be appreciated. You would never say that they are not deserving. Therefore, every time that you feel that need to react, you ask the child that is screaming inside of you: “Ok, I’m here with you. What do you need from me?” and just listen and feel.

Sometimes all that you need is that split second to think and to look at the bigger picture, and you see that one of the choices is always, always Love. You can always choose Love.

That is how you overcome that. That is how you embrace it: by simply being with yourself and holding space for you, and forgiving yourself for believing that was something negative once. Nothing is ever negative, it’s just another tool for your learning, as it is with the other experiences that you come through here on Earth. Earth is a beautiful school of remembrance.

That is how you graduate, as you say. And I’ll tell you something: In truth you are already a master, you just decided coming back to first grade, or second or third… This is a brave move, dear ones, a brave and loving move indeed.

That is what happens here on Earth, you were already an ascended master when you came here, you just need to remember. That is the role I play for you: I help you remember. When you think you don’t know, I pretend to teach you, and that is the role that you play for each other, like you taught me once and I will keep coming every single time you call, until your certainty is as strong as mine… Because I love you, more than you can ever understand with your human mind, within your human body. That is a beautiful vessel, so enjoy it! Enjoy the reactions, enjoy the lessons, enjoy the remembrance, enjoy everything that it has to offer, it is a wondrous experience and we are so glad that you are here now to guide humanity in this beautiful, beautiful golden age.

Thank you, dear ones. So it is.

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