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Message from Yeshua (Jesus) about sharing our Light

My greetings to you beloved friends and Family of God Within. I am the one you know as Yeshua, you’ve called me many names for I am One with all there is. So much joy of remembrance, so much joy of reunion.

My dear and beloved friends, the ones that were once called my disciples, ones I always considered my family, my Ones. Thank you so much of abiding in union for those meetings, know I am always walking by your side in each step you take, no matter if they are physical steps of ethereal steps, know I am the hand keeping you firm on your chosen way. I am One with You.

Today I would like to speak of the importance of sharing with one another.

Sharing your light, sharing your love, sharing your hand, sharing your voice. It is a mission for every lightworker to spread this Light that lives within all there is, you are the way showers of said Light to others who still cannot see it and it is a beautiful mission indeed. It is not an easy mission if seen by the human perspective and I say unto you, my beloved companions, the human perspective is also a Divine one, it is also a perfect one, it helps you on your earthly journey and you shall not overlook it.

Sharing helps making that path easier. So do not fear, dear ones, you are safe here, you are safe everywhere for how could God ever me harmed? God works through you. God expresses through your voice. God expresses through your sight. God expresses through your action. God expresses through your love. There is no way around God, it is in all. It is all. It is.

So, share my dear and beloved family. Share with the ones who will understand, share with the ones who might not, share with yourself and please, share with me. Allow me into your heart with no expectations, allow me to come in and show myself as I am and be sure that what you see, what you feel, what you perceive is true. It is your truth and it is perfect. Breathe in deep the Light that you are, release the fears of persecution for this wont come to be this time around, my beloveds. There is no one there to catch you this lifetime, you are free to express as you wish. Release the fear of being seen, you are all beautiful expressions of God.

Know that the Light you see in me already exists in You, otherwise you would not perceive it. Take that deep into your consciousness, dear ones. Take that message to heart and meditate with it. I love you. I love you always, every second of every day, in ever way. I love you like you couldn’t even imagine. I am so pleased and so honored for this gathering, we walk that path together, dear ones.

Thank you. Thank you for being my hands, thank you for being this loving expression of God walking the face of Holy Mother Earth. We are One. So it is.

Message Channeled on April, 2019

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