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Message from Yeshua (Jesus) about validation:

“Beloved friends and family of God within, it is in great Joy that I come again through this form to commune with you. Always a great Joy. I am the one you know as Jesus, Yeshua and many other names along the so perceived time I have been amongst you and yet I never left. I am still all around you, I live inside each heart, inside each tree and fallen leaf, inside the rivers and the sea. I am part of it all and so are you, beloved. We are One.

Today I would like to talk about Channeling and praise. Everyone has every psychic ability as you call it, every single one of you channel all the time, but most of you are not aware of it. You listen to your spirit guides, your angels, your inner knowing, your Extended Self (what you also call Higher Self). We bring messages and guidance to you in every way, so don’t just dismiss anything that makes your heart sing, that brings you shivers to the body, that makes you smile and laugh out of nowhere. Embrace it for you are channeling.

So many of you have doubts and get lost in the ego. You may feel that you need validation, that you need someone that you consider more knowledgeable than yourself in the matter, and I come today to tell you that It Is Okay, dear one. It is okay to be insecure, it is okay to be scared, it is okay to feel. Do not diminish your own feelings for you are allowed, you are entitled to them for you are Human! And it is a blessing. It is a beautiful gift to be in a body. Feeling insecure is just a normal reaction of the conditioned brain that is adapted to old patterns of fear and dis-empowerment. There is no shame in asking for the help of validation.

But know this: You are the Power. You are God. You know everything, it is just a question of Remembrance.

You don’t need me or any guru or master to tell you what to do and how to do it, in fact there is no separation between us anyway and you are the ones answering yourselves when you get answers from us, but there is no shame in that either. Shame is the lowest of frequencies, embrace it and release it if it no longer serves you.

In truth, the path to the God within is clear and effortless, it is pure and has no hardships. Doing God’s work is the most natural thing in the universe and beyond, it never holds you back. The only thing holding you back is the Ego Mind. So whenever you feel like there is something in your path that is keeping you stuck, know it is not God within you. God clears the way ahead of you when you let go of the forgetfulness that You are Got itself! Once you quit listening to what the ego has to say everything aligns for the highest good of all and it all falls like pieces of dominoes in an infinite dance of Light and Love. Smoothly and without any further suffering.

But you may say that insecurity meets you in one corner or another, even if you are listening primarily to the voice of God and it is also okay. It is okay, dear ones. You are so used to believe only what the eyes can meet that when you begin your path of remembrance of God within, you get frustrated if you don’t have visual confirmations right away. Be certain that they will come and they will. You are God, God manifests all things. There is only one answer you will ever get from God and it is “Yes”. A big and loving “Yes”. The visual proof will come if they so align with your purpose and soul’s wish, but don’t let it stop you from listening to the guidance that comes from your heart. Allow yourself the benefit of the doubt, beloveds, embrace the feelings and inner knowing and sensations and frequency changes and energetic nudges just as much as you would appreciate the visual confirmation.

You are infinite beings of Light. You can do anything. You are co-creators with God, have always been. You will continue to exist even after the purpose of time has been served for you are extensions of the One Source of all Love. How could you ever be disconnected? It is impossible. I dare to say, this is the only thing that is impossible in this universe: Being disconnected from God.

How could you all not be natural channelers then? It is within your very nature.

Needing validation is only normal for the way you have been perceiving reality is very narrow compared to the vast nature of You. Wanting to be acknowledged is only natural for You are beautiful creators and love to show your creations to the World. It is also okay. Sharing is a beautiful tool in your enlightenment. Use it. Do not let fear dictate your actions anymore. Act with Love, through Love, in Love. That is what you are: Love.

We are One, beloved friends and teachers. I am always willing to work with you, all you need to do is let me in and have the certainty in your heart that once you do: I am there.

I am Yeshua ben Yosef and I love you unconditionally. Always.

So be it.”

Thank you for reading and connecting, my friends!

Love you! Namaste

Channeled in January, 28th 2019

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