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Questions and Answers with Mariam (Mary Magdalene):

Q: How did you deal with the emotional feelings as a woman seeing Jeshua go through the experience of the crucifixion? Did he prepare you ahead of time for that event?

A: “It was gut wrenching to see my beloved Yeshua in that situation of course. I knew he was fulfilling his mission and I felt so much love and blessings, such a beautiful sense of what you call being proud of him for being the man he was, for allowing his entire being to be immersed in divine light so others could learn that they were also God, that they could be just as ascended as he was. I knew he wasn’t feeling pain for I knew he learned how to tune that out of his experience, but it was still hard to watch the whole experience.

We always had a extra-censorial closeness and more than once I could see it through his eyes like I was the one on the cross and those moments were what actually brought peace to my bleeding heart, I could feel his sense of fulfillment and unconditional love,it’s more than human words can explain. He was so certain that he was doing exactly what he was supposed to do that I only honored his choice.

I didn’t know he would resurrect for it had never been done, we learned it was possible but we never got any certainty on it. His bravery and love and warming kindness gave me strength to strengthen him and our friends and families in that moment.

You see, we knew we were more than the body, we knew we were partners no matter what, but we really liked the body. I loved his body, his soul, his whole being. Seeing his body being flagellated like that was shocking, but I never lost faith in him, in the God in him, in God...I knew whatever happened after that was exactly what was meant to be. Me and his mother knew that day would come eventually, there was no much preparation for it because he never focused on it, he focused on love and so did we. We enjoyed each single moment we had on Holy Mother Earth as Mariam and Yeshua, before and after the crucifixion.”

Q: How did the story originate about you in the Bible that you were going to be stoned and Jeshua took a stone and said he who is without sin cast the first stone and said, go in peace and sin no more. I understand this was made up?

A: That Mary was not me, there were many Marys in our time and in the editing of the Bible so many things got mixed up. That was another beloved woman.

Q: When did your relationship with Jeshua start and did you know ahead of time you would be his wife?

A: My relationship with Yeshua is ever on going, we are expressions of the same Oneness. We came together to Mother Earth for our missions were intertwined, they completed each other in a way, or so were meant to. We have always known each other and lived many lives together. We met on several occasions during our childhood, we met again in Tibet but I left first and went back to Israel. He came along not long after and we finally got together, first as the closest friends and then as a couple.

Q: How did you handle the prejudices of that time?

A: Once I knew my oneness with God and every living being I no longer understood it as prejudices, I knew I was a mirror and a Catalyst for so many, I showed unhealed aspects of other people and that’s why some felt offended. I also embodied the Female energy that was long “gone” from that specific collective and it also offended them. It didn’t offend me, I was them and they were I.”

What practices did you use to become whole/integrated on more practical therms?

A: “I dug deep within myself and saw the aspects of me that I had neglected or abandoned,I communed and embraced them once I understood what they were and how they got separated from me. I accepted the totality of my human being and thus I found God within.

I worked close to Mother Nature and I felt one with it, I let it guide me toward finding the best material elements that could aid in my healing, I was tuned to the cosmos and most particularly the Energy of Mother Moon, she is a great helper to work on the feminine energy. Our bodies as women and our Yoni are so tuned to the phases of the moon, with the seasons of Mother Earth, allowing your body to connect to them and show us what those seasons and phases mean to itself is a great tool to use as well. Women have cycles just as them,respecting and being in tune with those cycles instead of resisting them can help release the traumas in a smoother way.

Like loving your menstruation, this deliberate act of non resistance can allow the womb to feel safe again.

Knowing the proprieties on Crystals, Herbs, Oils, Nature in general can really aid in healing.

Sounds and frequencies are also a great tool, singing is a beautiful expression of creativity and helps blossom the divine Feminine as well as healing the womb. Chantings, mantras, the Om and many others can help raise one’s frequency to settle them in a space for cure.

I learned to quiet the mind so I could connect to my own divinity, meditation is a great tool,mindfulness too.”

Q: Can you explain how is it that a woman can feel during conception that she is actually conceiving?

A: “The energy of the soul coming to greet you and recognizing you as the mother is what you feel while conceiving, it’s a beautiful act.”

Q: Dear Divine Mother, How do we clear acestorial womb trauma?

A: “Forgiveness is key. Even if you don’t exactly know what you are forgiving,do it. Breathe in deep the healing energy of your ancestors and breathe out the traumas, forgive your own womb for collecting it and forgive the ancestors for their own traumas. Compassion for yourself and for them heals everything. Detach judgement and let love guide you.”

Q: I am wondering as I was born without a uterus and have never bled does the healing of the womb or womb wound still apply to me?

A: “Definitely applies to you as well,my dear. The womb exists in you even if the physicality tells you otherwise, it is still a sacred place within your being that requires attention,love and healing. Even more so for you are required to dig in deeper than most to connect to your divine feminine for you have not the physical aspect to show you it is there. It makes you no less of an embodiment of the Divine Feminine and everything works the same for you,all the techniques apply.

Connect to your inner Goddess and let she guide you.


Q: What can I do to regulate my period and embrace the Divine Feminine in me?

A: “Tune in to your womb and let it do the talking, it has a consciousness of its own and it knows what is best. Embrace your period like the miracle it is. So many times throughout history periods have been seen in a negative connotation, it is beautiful and sacred. Once you embrace it as being a divine gift instead of resisting it, you can understand the messages your womb is trying to give you by any unbalance regarding your periods, like symptoms of something to heal within. Embracing the divinity of your womb and accepting it as a blessings changes the whole perspective and helps you embody your divine feminine, periods are yet another representation of it and should be taken with love.”

Q: How do I see all my relationship attempt as perfect and not a compromise when I have the comparison of your relationship with Yeshua close to my heart and standards? Is an idea of staying single misleading?

A: “When you see everyone as Oneness, every one as being a part of the whole, everyone being God you attract exactly that: someone that sees you as being God, as being one with them, as being whole and perfect. That is unconditional love. It may come in a romantic way or even not. You are allowed to be in love with yourself first, once you love you all the pieces fit together and there’s no other way than receiving love back.”

Q: how do we know we have womb wounds?

A: Look within yourself and find points of resistance you may have, aspects of you that you cannot or wish not to face in the light, look for the start point of those things you call problems or imperfections within you and you will find your womb wound.

It can be something from thousands of years ago or something that happened yesterday,as you perceive time.

Every sexual encounter energy still lays within your womb, if anything at all that wasn’t fully appreciated by you occurred in any of them it could cause a trauma or separation. Know yourself within and outside as well.

If you have menstrual pains,aversion for your own blood, ovaries problems, intestine problems, urinary diseases or a bad relationship with your body in general: you have a womb wound.

If you have a bad relationship with the women in your family or with past and present lovers, bad breakups, feelings of abandonment, powerless towards your relationships, inability to be your authentic self: you have a womb wound. Those are some examples,my dear. Look within and do not judge self.

Q: And how to we know that you’re with us when we call you for help?

A: I am always there even when you only as much as think of me. Know it, believe it and you will feel me.

Q: In what way(s) can we best shift from our heads to our hearts when approaching the healing of the womb?

A: “Look for ways to still your mind. Meditation is a good tool, but there are many. Connect to nature, practice mindfulness in the little daily things like eating, working, walking. Clear your mind so you can give space to your heart. First find that sparkle of God within you and then redirect that energy to your womb area.”

Q: Do you have any advice for women such that have gone through menopause and are aging if there is anything to make this type of transition easier?

A: “Stay in tune with Mother Nature and pay attention to her seasons, you are part of those seasons and it is a beautiful thing you created as humans. Embrace that. Embrace the beauty of having spent that period of time on Earth as the blessing it is, allow yourself to fall back in love with the new you for you are better each day. Connecting to Nature is always the best way for women to heal any aspects of them because as women we are somewhat an embodiment of Mother Earth.

Thank your womb for its elixir’s shed for so many years and enjoy this new phase of you with acceptance and love.”

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