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Questions and Answers with Yeshua ben Yosef (Jesus):

Q: How can I help a loved one going through depression?

A: You allow them to express their divinity as they so wish while giving loving examples of light and kindness. By allowing them to do so you assure to them that it is okay to be themselves, it is okay to express sorrow and sadness and anger, they do not need to hide and that begins remembrance of Self, the true self.

This state of being is nothing but part of the alchemical process ones require to detox themselves of old feelings that no longer serve, it is yet one of the bravest ways to rediscover oneness with the Father/Mother God. By digging deep into the darkest parts of the hidden self you are able to purge and renew the soul. Each being is walking the right path for themselves in what they chose for this lifetime, sometimes ones find it hard to see the bigger picture, but there is nothing outside of love. The shadow parts are also love.

There are many ways to make this path easier but it all must come with allowance from the heart. It’s no one’s place to tell a brother or sister that they shouldn’t be living their divinity in a certain way, that’s where the ego can become a problem as you call it, for in truth there is no one lesser or more than you, we are all one.

Living your truth inspires others to do the same, once you are living fully within your own remembrance of God you no longer abide in numbness for you know you are powerful enough to heal. You also no longer need this brother or sister to not be exactly who they are. This knowingness comes at the perfect time of one’s reality. Trust they are God. Trust the exemple is needed for everything is yet another expression of love and God within.

Q: How can I tell people in a convincing way that there is no punishment, that God does not burden anyone?

A: Punishment exists within one’s reality and there is no way to tell them it doesn’t for that’s their reality. It may be what still serves them in their inner quest to find God within, it’s their prerogative to choose what their truths are.

If you get to a point where one is allowing a crack in their egg of allowance you can explain through demonstration that God is love, God is all, God is. There is nothing outside of God. God isn’t an angry father up in the sky. I once called God a “he”, a “him”, a “father” in hopes the patriarchal society would understand its presence as being the one who loves you without attachment, unconditionally. This therm no longer serves so many, in fact God had always been Father and Mother, God had always been. You are his loving child, his expression upon Mother Earth and he/she loves you for everything that you are. God sees nothing as mistakes or wrongs or evil for he/she knows that those are only nuances of expression of Him/Her. The only one capable to punish you is yourself and if you allow I will tell you now: there is no need to punish. No matter how hard you might think the sin is. There is no sin, only expressions of love that don’t match with your own frequency and reality.

Allow your brothers and sisters to express their divinity without judgement. We are all loved unconditionally by our Father/Mother.

Q: Can we ascend in physical body so we No longer require reincarnation?Or only in death can we ascend as our Soul returns ?To no longer need to be reborn how do we ensure this ?

A: Reincarnation is a gift you give upon yourself. You never needed to incarnate, you chose to. For the fun of it. For the creativeness of it. For you are God and creating is your joy. If you allow I will tell unto you that there is no ascension for the is no above and no below, we are all ascended. You already have it. There is no higher judgment but the one you put upon yourselves, there’s no one out there telling who can and cannot ascend into heavens. Heaven is inside you and this quest to find it is what sparkles this enthusiasm you feel every time you are facing another opportunity to incarnate.

Ones will ascend the body as ones so wish, ones will decease the body and abide in spirit, ones will choose to hold into matter for they are not done expressing it. Everything is within your power of choice, within the possibilities. You create the possibilities. You can do anything. Knowing your oneness with Source is something you already came from, it’s not the first time you get this feeling of remembrance because you came from what you call ascension, you came from the certainty that you were one with God. The cloak of forgetfulness is nothing but a gift made by you for your enjoyment, it can be a blessing as much as punishment for you are the one controlling your reality.

No one outside of you is going to stop you from going back home for there is nothing outside of you but the imaginary boundaries of illusions. You ensure this whenever you choose you no longer want to experience the reincarnation, you ensure it when you fully understand that there is no power above you. You are the one in charge. Take that not in judgement of self but in great joy of the power that you are for the miracle of remaking the body each day is not to be overlooked, you are all working according to your own wishes of fulfillment of joy upon each new experience. It is a gift. You deserve every beautiful aspect of love.

Q: Where you born from the Holy Spirit or was Yosef your father?

A: The Holy Spirit lives inside every being for there is no separation. The Holy Spirit lived inside Yosef and Miriam for they were beings of light,just as each an every one of you. I was born from human parents that had been prepared to receive a kid with my mission. That is my truth.

It all goes back to the process each brother or sister goes through of allowing or not what serves them best. There’s no judgment for truths upon Mother Earth are not solid. Choose whatever aligns with your inner truth and judge not.

Q: Where you killed before the ascension or was someone else killed in your place and you ascended into Heaven before the crucifixion?

A: I deceased the body for this was my agreement pre incarnation, the demonstration of the Cross was something that we felt needed to be done at that day and time as you understand it so other sparkles of remembrance could surface. I wished to show that yes you can kill the body, bleed it and leave it inside a rock for a period of time and then return to it for you are limitless. You are one with the power to reenergize the body, you’re one with the power to heal the body, to walk above water and every other demonstration I brought forth. The exemple I gave upon the Cross was one I agreed with so yes, it was me. But I never died for there is no death, there’s only energy that changes as you so wish.

Q: Of all the countries in the world why did you choose Israel to be born?

A: The geopolitical issues made the place most favorable for the message to be spread for there was much separation and a deep need of something new, a spark of light to begin the knowingness of ones unity with God within. It was also a place of passage for people from all around the world where the culture was an accumulation of many others so they would understand changing whilst being also able to take it to other places with their travels. It was where we would find a better ground for the new wave of teachings and people willing to learn, but my ministry as you call, did not only take place in Israel. I leaned from masters from India,Tibet, Greece, the Britains... I also traveled to further lands after the demonstration of resurrection sharing love with people from all over Holy Mother Earth along with my Mariam, friends and family.

Q: Why do so many things keep happening and I never get to achieve my goal/dream?

A: When you pit your focus upon the need, the missing of things, the lack of it you resonate with the exact opposite frequency of what you wish to accomplish.

Know that everything is already yours for there is no other way, you are one with all there is. Your dream is yours, you just have to learn how to resonate with the energy of fulfillment, of joy, of love within this dream and there is no other way than for it to become your reality.

Q: Are ancestral medicine like Bufo alvarius, ayahuasca which bring people closer to being one are they appropriate to help humanity ?

A: These tools are perfectly fine used within ones allowance of experiencing the out of body once it is not misused as a way of escaping one’s reality. Know that you need not anything to connect you to the divine for you are already connected, you never left, God is you and the whole universe lives inside of you for there is no separation. These tools are there to be used for your enjoyment just like any other, just like everything else upon the face of Holy Mother Earth. Align yourself with your truth and go from within knowing you need nothing to help you connect besides your own allowance, but make use of any tools you so wish for it is all out there for your expansion.

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