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This was the second message I ever wrote down from Jesus.

This was the second message I ever wrote down from Jesus. Before that he had been coming up in my mind and asking me to deliver his messages and "be his hands" as he likes to say, even though I wasn't really believing the whole thing for awhile, He never gave up on me and I will be eternally thankful. But, I will share my personal story of how I came across figuring out I was hearing Jesus and Mary Magdalene another time...

It was October 24th of 2018, I was sitting on my bed and He would catch my attention by showing me sparks of golden light over my head haha so I decided picking up the pen and writing what He was saying. Later that day I ended up drawing him as I saw him on my mind as well...

Here's the short message He shared:

"That is you. That is what I can be for you. I can be light, I can be dark. I can be joy and sorrow. Do no diminish anything you may feel, do not diminish who you are, do not diminish your divinity. Allow yourself to cry, to grieve, to love, to shine.

Allow yourself to live, to be.

Allow yourself to be part of the whole as I am part of you.

That blank space is you in me.

Now, can you feel the me in you? The Christ in you? I am no more than a depicted picture ready to serve you as you need. Allow this energy in your heart to blossom.

Allow your heart to bleed for I am bleeding with you. I am laughing with you, I am crying and playing and living with you. Feel. I am Yeshua Ben Yosef and I love you dear ones. Let my love in your hearts. Share with me. Anything. Everything.

I am yours."

Love and light, dear friends.


Channeled in October, 24th of 2018

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Great Life U
Great Life U
11.11.2021 г.

what a beautiful message, shivers all over

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