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Sarah, daughter of Jesus, tells her story 

Flavia: (...guides Annie into a trance...)  You look up and somebody is there with you, who is there?

Annie: Yeshua. 

Flavia: Is he saying something to you?

Annie: He’s smiling, and he took my other hand, he placed my left hand on his forehead, and my right hand on his heart. 

Flavia: Okay, feel that for a moment. What are you feeling?

Annie: Loved. Full. Flowing. 

Flavia: Ash him the reason behind this encounter now. 

Annie: He’s saying we always have a reason, to be exchanging this energy, and if we go deep enough, the reason is that we both have the same mission, we share the same core, but if He’s being more specific, He wants to take us on a journey. 

Flavia: Okay. Where does He want to take us to? 

Annie: First I’m seeing ... it’s like I’m looking directly into the sun, as I look down, I see things that look like pyramids. And there are images forming, and there’s a lot of sand, and everything looks monochrome from where I stand. And the sky is a little orange, there are some camels, people with turbans on their heads just walking by. There’s a lot of wind, the sand is lifting from the ground, and going all around. 

Flavia: You recognize the people there?

Annie: There are many of them. They are all with their heads covered, protecting from the storm. They are Essenes.

Flavia: And why did Yeshua want to take you there?

Annie: Because that’s the beginning of the journey. 

Flavia: Okay. Is there someone else that will join us on this journey?

Annie: Mary Magdalene. There are other women, she’s saying that the names are not important right now. I just understood why I see everything through a veil, like everything is a little orange and monochrome. I’m inside her belly. 

Flavia: Okay, inside Mary Magdalene’s belly? Around how old are you there? How many months old, inside the belly?

Annie: 3. 

Flavia: Okay. Where are they taking you? Where are they going?

Annie: They are coming back home. 

Flavia: From? 

Annie: Egypt. Something that now is… it’s Cairo? And, people are walking and riding donkeys, and horses and camels. Mary Magdalene just found out that she is pregnant. They are going back home.

Flavia: And how is she feeling?

Annie: Happy, excited. 

Flavia: And how are you feeling? 

Annie: The same. 

Flavia: And is there a message, a story, that they want to share? From that time. 

Annie: They are talking about a prophecy. From deep within this Essene community, they have been talking about this child that was supposed to be the third part of the trinity, and for a while they thought it was Yeshua, but it was not. It was his daughter. And they say that it’s in very old scriptures, that they have been keeping quiet for a very very long time. It was written 4 to 5 thousand years before we were incarnated, that time. So, that’s why everyone is moving back to Jerusalem because they knew that the prophecy was coming to fruition, and everything was aligning. It was time. 

Flavia: Okay. So, the story they want to share is the one of the prophecies and the trinity?

Annie: Yes. They are not willing to share the tales of the prophecy now, because they say that it is not relevant. What happened in between is what matters. 

Flavia: Did they want to share it as a book?

Annie: Yes.

Flavia: So, what happened in between?

Annie: Yeshua is saying that we should begin and take little steps, we can not write the full book today. 

Flavia: Okay, so where should we begin it?

Annie: He’s saying that we should tell the story through Sarah’s voice. He calls her Sarit, we call her Sarah. It should be her telling the story. 

Flavia: Okay, so does he want to take us to a moment where Sarah is older, or is she going to start telling the story from the womb?

(Annie takes a breath and lets Sarah in.)

Sarah: I am Sarah. 

Flavia: Hello.

Sarah: Hello. If you allow me, I’ll tell you some of my stories. 

Flavia: Yes, we would love to hear that. 

Sarah: You are ready to hear it, to embrace it. 

Flavia: Than you. Where do you want to start?

Sarah: Perhaps we can begin with the basic, who are we, and why we want to speak, before we can get really into the story. 

Flavia: Sounds great. So, who are you?

Sarah: I’m Sarit, you’ve been calling me Sarah and so many other names. I was in a body, incarnated on Earth, in what is perceived to be around 2000 years ago. I had such a different upbringing, that humanity has not been ready to listen to my voice yet. So I decided to come back, in many other bodies until time has come.
So I come to you today, for whoever is willing to hear, to listen to my sound, and to embrace it as their Sound, so humanity can open their minds, so they can remember the truth of their Love, as I did.
And I’ll share with you three timelines, they are a little different from each other. Those are the three that humanity is aligned with right now; those are the three that the human brain can comprehend at this time. I think we should do one at a time, so it’s easier for you. 

Flavia: Yes, thank you. And, why did you want to share this message, this story, now?

Sarah: So people can see a different side of the man they have been worshiping as Jesus, and the woman they have been worshiping as Mary Magdalene. So I can show them, through my eyes, who they are. And so they can know me. 

Flavia: Thank you. Would you like to start on the first timeline today? Or, would you like to explore other information about this connection?

Sarah: I think perhaps we should explain a bit about the timelines, how they work.
Within the sphere of time that the human perception can capture, there are little fractures, every time you have a creative thought, there are infinite possibilities, of you, of me, and of everything else of this universe and beyond. Every time we have a creative thought, we create a new timeline and we move with that into eternity.
It’s layer upon layer of creative Divinity. So we say that: I am living in multiple timelines at the same time, right now, because time is nonexistent. Only in human perception, it is.
Therefore, as humanity is aligned with three of those stories, three versions of us, I’m willing to share with you the journey of my family as I recall, in those three embodiments of myself. And I’ll tell you they are different. They experience things differently, they felt things differently, they learned different things. But in their core, they are all the same being. Sharing their consciousness with each other. I think that’s enough before I spoil any of the book. 

Flavia: Thank you, that sounds very helpful because there are many questions about timelines and how it really works in our perception as humans. 

Sarah: Yes.

Flavia: And will the three timelines be presented in your perspective only, or also in Yeshua’s and Mary Magdalene’s? 

Sarah: Baba (That is how she calls Yeshua, it means Dad in her language) is saying that we will see how it goes. 

Flavia: Yeah. Okay. Would you like to share anything else?

Sarah: Yes. Perhaps we should, for human comprehension, speak about this in a linear kind of way, as you say. So, we will start from what is the perceived beginning, as I was conceived and born, until the day that I’ll leave my body, in those three perspectives. How does that sound to you?

Flavia: That sounds great, and very organized. 

Sarah: I learned with the best (she smiles).

Flavia: We are here for whenever you want to start telling the story. 

Sarah: So it begins, for me, in that embodiment, as Mary Magdalene, or the one you know as Mary Magdalene, was around 22/23 years old. Yeshua was 25.
They were considered very old to be having children, which is a little foreign for you, in your modern times. They were considered to be very old.
In this first timeline that I will share, I was the second born. I had a little brother. His name is Benjamin, he is my best friend. He was around the age of 3, almost 4 years old when I was born. And he was captivated by me the second I was born. He would never leave me alone, he would love holding me, caring me with him, playing. He was very gentle, he had a very gentle heart, a very wise soul.
Eema and Baba had been married for almost 5 years when I was born, and I was the product of, what you might say a planned pregnancy. They’ve been practicing the alchemy of Isis since they were fifteen to sixteen. But they’ve been learning about it, and had been initiated since they were eleven. One could say they learned the theory around that age, and they started practicing with partners when they were 14 to 16 years old.

 Men were initiated at 11, and then brought for the practices at 14, and women were initiated also at the age of 11 as well, but started their practices at the age of 16.
My parents got married, and then Benjamin happened. Wasn’t very planned. But I was. I was a product of a very profound alchemy, and they knew that I was coming into that consciousness. 

For me, it was interesting being in a body, after what one might perceive as so long, because I have not been embodied since the fall of Atlantis, at least not on planet Earth.
That’s it if we are considering linear incarnations, which is what the majority of the human collective is aligned with right now, so we will speak in your terms. Is it okay for you?

Flavia: Yes, thank you.

Sarah: I was born in the middle of July. It was quite a hot day. And Baba was the one that delivered me into the world. He was the first face I’ve ever seen. 

Flavia: And where was that?

Sarah: We were living close to the sea in Galilee, Eema(that is how she calls Mary Magdalene, it means Mom in her language) really liked it, so we were living in that area. You’ve called it so many names. It’s a very beautiful area. 

Flavia: Yeah. And what happened next?

Sarah: Baba knew that his mission was to share the love that he learned, to help others remember it. He would help others to learn the techniques to remember where God lies within.
Eema knew she was a natural healer, and that they were supposed to work together in bringing that ancient knowledge and alchemy to the world. They seemed to have said once, that they came too early, that humanity was not ready for them. I don’t agree. I think divine time is always at play. I think it was the perfect moment. Even if some horrific things would end up having to happen to call the attention of the collective.
So, I grew up in that little village that was one of the places that the Essenes have lived before. We had a house set up there, and we’ve always been supported by the community of the Essenes, they always supported each other. It was a very beautiful group. 

Flavia: What did it look like there? 

Sarah: Depended on the season. It was very hot during the day and very cold during the night. The ground would always change color, but the dirt underneath is very red, it has a red or dark orange color all around, and I would love playing with that mud. It felt very wholesome and grounding. Sometimes there were a few trees. A lot of olive trees, some small bushes as well. Sometimes the grass was very tall. I love the sounds of the grass dancing with the wind. Sometimes it was very dry, and very hot. So we would go down to the sea or to the lake to swim, and play around the area. That’s where I spent my first two and a half years. In that village of the Essene community. 

Flavia: And were you and Benjamin the only children, from your parents, at that time?

Sarah: Yes. Eema only got pregnant again when I was 7, at least in that timeline. 

Flavia: Okay, and what was it like for you growing up there, in that Essene community?

Sarah: I have been expected for thousands of years, such as Baba. So I was always being watched. At that age, I wasn’t very aware of it. I was just around for the fun, and the only thing I knew was love. And Oneness. There was no suffering at all.
I had a very different genetic code from most, where it was easier for me to connect with the inner God, connect with other beings that most people couldn’t see. It was like I was born with upgraded DNA, so I was very different. I was also a little bit paler than most of the people, and I had my mother’s hair, which was long, wavy, brown with a little auburn color, some red. But as a baby I was kind of blonde.
And I had Baba’s eyes, which changed from hazel to golden, depending on my mood. Sometimes they would even go a little orangy, if I was very angry.
I was a different child, but again I was expected, so they were waiting for me to show any signs of being different. They were expecting me to be… Weird in a way. But again, I knew nothing but love. There was no suffering in my reality, not until the age of 3. 

Flavia: What happened? 

Sarah: It was time for Baba to do his demonstration, something he’s been practicing his whole life. He was willing to show others, that we are not only this body, that we are much more than that, that we are so much more expansive than just being held in this physicality.
(she pauses and breathes…)
I remember the day that they came for him.
We had a very very close relationship, Baba and me.
(she needs to take another breath…)
I wasn’t really planning on telling this story right now, but it’s okay, I guess we can come back in the timeline later and edit the book. 

Flavia: We can come back to this later if you want to, it’s okay. 

Sarah: It’s fine. The emotions are strong when you are using a physical body, that’s one of the things that I loved about being human, it’s also a challenging one. It’s even deeper when the vessel is as deeply connected with this memory as Annie’s is.
(she takes another pause…)
I remember the day that we arrived in Jerusalem. And I knew. It was like I always knew that something was going to happen.
As I said, I had a very close relationship with my father. He was… Different, with me. With all of my brothers and sisters, as well. Which might be a little hard for you to comprehend, that magnitude of love that he felt and expressed for us. It is really incomprehensible.
But I was very close to him, we never needed to use words to speak. It was like I had a connective line to his brain, always, so I always knew what he was thinking, and what he was trying to say. I remember getting very frustrated when people misunderstood him, because I knew exactly what he meant, what was on his heart, I was very connected to it. 

I was really connected to my mother too, of course, but let’s talk about that at another time.
So, I always knew because he knew that something was supposed to happen, some traumatic event. He had been getting us ready for that for a very long time, and I know I was very young, but I was so awakened, so open, I could see and feel everyone.
I understood beyond my age. And, I feared for him. That was, perhaps, one of the only fears I’ve ever had in that body.
Because at the age of three, even if I was very awakened, open, and connected, you don’t want your dad to leave you, right?
I’d cry for hours when he left the house to go do something that I couldn’t do with him. And when he spent those 37 days alone in the desert, it was like 37 years for me, I’d miss him so much I couldn’t think of anything else. Even when I went to bed at night, I was scared that he might have to leave us.
That was my understanding at the time. Because in my soul, I knew something was going to happen. And it did, as we all know. I speak of the crucifixion.
I believe that, at first, I wasn’t supposed to be there. They were supposed to leave me with some of my grandmother’s friends. I wasn’t supposed to see him hurting at all, but things happened sofast, and they were so chaotic, that my mother didn’t feel like I should be separated from her.
We will explain that connection a little later, the trinity and why I was there for that fated moment and why they allowed me to see him on the cross. But I’m sidetracking, as he does. (she smiles tenderly...)

Going back a little in this timeline now... I remember that night, where everyone was sitting around this big rounded rock, it was our improvised table, we were spending the night inside one of the members of the group… He was an Essene man. I’m trying to find words in your vocabulary, to explain what it was, so I don’t give you words from my time, and you don’t understand them. After all, we want people to read the book.(she laughs…)

Flavia: It’s okay if you want to use other words now, and we use a glossary later. 

Sarah: He was one of the Essenes that was infiltrated between the Romans, if that makes sense. So, we were spending the night in what could be considered somewhat his basement, because people were already after Baba.
He was not hiding, he was just communing with his friends. I know some of his friends felt like they were hiding, and that some of the stories that have been told for all this time relay to that, but I knew he wasn’t.
On that day, we were a group of 8 women, 16 men, 7 children. We were all sitting around that improvised table, where Baba gave his famous speech of the bread that stuck with so many people, even though they might have missed a word or two.(she smiles…)
It’s okay, the message is there for the heart to understand when the heart is ready.
I remember sitting on his leg, and he was talking to all of the people there, showing his gratitude. He was also telling people that whatever happened, they should not interfere. And, they really respected him. In truth, they really respected each other, and a lot of the people there understood his mission, even though some saw his mission through their own eyes and perceptions. They were not wrong; they were just living their own truth.
So, people were worried, sad, and I did not like that kind of frequency, that kind of energy, I did not want my parents to be sad. 

Benjamin was walking around, and playing with his friends, but I was very quiet, I was a very quiet child.
When I was looking around the table and seeing all of the sad faces and people’s tears I felt like I wanted to do something to change that frequency.
I remembered that when we got into that space, that little basement of sorts, I saw some flowers on the way in. For me, they were beautiful flowers. You know that kind of wildflowers that grow tall, but they are very skinny, they have all kinds of colors. They were near the hallway where we came in. And, even though they were dry flowers, they’ve been there for ages, I saw them as vibrant as always.
So I got up, I went to those flowers, and I picked some of them.
Everyone was very quiet for a while, because Baba stopped talking to watch me, what I was doing. He would always smile at me, and he would also always know what I had in my heart.
I came back with the flower, I gave one for him, and then another one for Eema, and then I put some on the table, and offered them to other people that were sad. Some people started crying, and I did not like that. So, I did what Baba did for me when I was sad, I sang for them. And then Eema started singing with me, and then Baba too, and then everyone was singing. And I was happy again because there was music, and I loved music. That’s how I remember that meal, that one that is now so famous.

Flavia: It’s beautiful to see the perspective, through you. 

Sarah: Thank you.

Flavia: So, coming back to the timeline that you were sharing. What happened next?

Sarah: My grandmother was there. My grandfather had passed away, I never met him. I remember sleeping and waking up in her arms, and it was very early in the day, the sun had not even come out yet, but it was just starting to get a little more bright with the sunlight, still, it was very early so I took another nap.
I woke up, and I remember we were in a beautiful field with a lot of olive trees. I asked her for Eema and Baba and Grandmother Miriam pointed at them for me. They were sitting at the top of that mount, watching the sunrise together. They were holding hands, Eema was laying on Baba’s arm, she was leaning on him, they were talking very quietly, I don’t know what they were saying. But I could see their energy fields, I could see their light around them, they were beautiful together, it was like they were one.
I could see people’s Merkabas, that’s what you call them now. It’s first an energetic field all around the person, and then it becomes some sort of sacred geometry.
And theirs would complete each other’s sometimes. It was like one pyramid up and one pyramid down, so when I saw them like that, I saw Eema as this pyramid pointing down, and Baba as the pyramid pointing up, and then they would mash together, they would become one Merkaba.
At that moment it was gold, and violet, and pink, and a little bit of blue, indigo blue as well, but lot of golden and white, they were very beautiful.

 I started walking towards them, and I’m pretty sure they sensed my energy. It was almost time, and we knew it. So, I remember seeing Eema holding Baba’s face and kissing him, and then she kissed his head, both his hands, and she got up and she held me in her arms and she gave me to him.
She kissed my head and asked if I had slept well, then she went to find Benjamin, because he would stay with one of my grandmother’s friends for the day.
I was alone with Baba for a while, for a short while, he was very popular on that day. So, he did the same thing he did when I was seven months old and I woke up in the middle of the night, from a nightmare. He knew I had woken up because our consciousness has always been so united.
He woke up with me and he knew I had a bad dream and he knew exactly what it was.
That day in my sleep, three years before it happened, I saw him on the cross. I was very clairvoyant.
So, he did the same thing that he did that day, he held me in his arms, he put his hand on my heart, and he told me that he lived there, it didn’t matter what happened, he could never leave me, he was always here.
I just hugged him, and I felt peaceful. The fear did not exist when I was in his arms. And I remember, distinctly, hearing the horses coming in the distance.
My grandma grabbed me, and held me in her arms, she was crying, I was very confused. She held me away from all that commotion, and one of my uncles went to Baba and gave him a kiss, Baba held both of his hands, and he kissed them, and I knew that when he did that it meant thank you, in his own special language. That man is the one that you now call Judas. 

Soon the horses were all around us, and I can’t really see what happened with my eyes, because I was taken away. I think the Essenes were afraid they would harm me, but I know they took Baba away, and we didn’t see him until later that day. At that point the fear was really peaking. I cried, called for him, my little heart was just broken, but every time I would think of his voice, his eyes, the peace would come back, and it would mend back my heart.
It took a while until they decided what to do with him, but I knew what the people wanted.
He was a sort of wizard, he was everything, he was considered everything but holy at that time. He raised dead people from their graves, he worked with dark alchemy, people were kind of scared of him, the ones that did not understand of course.
That was the collective belief of that time. And as we know, the king had been waiting for an opportunity to kill him for a very long time. Because as people loved him, people feared him. I’m not sure fear is a good word. They feared what he was bringing, the message. They feared connection with God within, they feared change, and Baba represented all of that. 

I was so connected with his essence, with his mind and his heart, that I knew what he was feeling. I could practically see through his eyes. And he was in so much peace, so much love, so much gratitude, that I just couldn’t wait to have him back, you know.
But people were very scared, our people, our friends and family, and that would scare me.
Eema was crying, I did not like to see her cry. She was holding me when we got the news that he was going to get crucified, but we knew already.
I remember every single point of energy representing a person, I remember feeling all of them, all of their energies, all of their emotions, they were so many, and I was so confused. They were screaming, and some of them were crying, some of them were happy, some of them were so sad that they could barely move. A lot of the people that were with us they just fled, they ran, because they were scared that they would get the same horrific end. And every single point of consciousness expressed in a body, I could feel and see them all.
That was a very crowded and confusing day for me. So, I was always either on my grandmother’s, the one you call Mother Mary, arms, or in Mary Magdalene’s arms. 

As you know that Eema and Baba they’ve been learning about alchemy, and the processes of the body, for a very long time. That’s all they knew. They deeply understood that that physicality was just a representation of God through them, that they were the God of that reality, and they were creating all of it.
They know we are always co-creating as the Gods we are, in unison, always, but nothing can prepare to see the love of your life being flogged.
They honored the body, they honored each other’s body so much that seeing that body bleeding was not an easy thing to do. But Eema knew he was not in pain, because she was holding space for him, and he knew that as long as her body was safe, his body would be also.
They were really one, and Eema watched everything.
She would always make eye contact with him, so he could know that she was there, that she was still singing the song of their soul. She was being strong, and maintaining his body alive. They’ve trained for that, for years and years.
Still, Eema would cry, because again, there’s nothing that can prepare you to feel that, and see the one you love being treated in that way. Even if she knew that he was not only that body, she still loved the body. 

When they gave him that cross to carry, it wasn’t really the cross, it was just a section of the cross, he was very weak, he had lost a lot of blood from all the flogging, and the spiky thing they put on his head.
Sometimes he would stumble, and fall, and people from the crowd would help him, but then the soldier would push them away and flog them too. A few of them were very brave and kept coming, trying to help him.
We were walking just alongside so Eema still could make eye contact sometimes.
That was the longest walk of our lives. And you will know, after you read the next chapters, that that’s saying something!
But it was like we were all three of us walking that together, cause soon I realized that I was being part of that energy exchange, and in truth we felt no suffering, when I connect with the emotions, in all of our hearts, I can only find compassion, forgiveness, love, the most deep and unconditional love. At least that’s how I was aligned at that particular moment in time.
Of course, my little mind couldn’t understand why someone would want to do that with my Baba, and that was so shocking I couldn’t move. I would just cry silent tears, I couldn’t say anything, it was like my sound wasn’t there. Sometimes it was like I was watching it from outside my body, maybe so I could detach from that pain. Sometimes I would, sort of come back to the body, and become very confused again, and again I would sense everyone’s energy, and there was so much of it. There was grieve, and pain, and wonder.
And then there was that soft grace, grazing on everyone’s heads, because everyone there was part of this… Important moment for planet Earth’s history. 

So, when they finally put him up on the cross, for a few moments I could see Baba standing, underneath the cross, healthy, happy, smiling. It was like I could not associate him with that man anymore, the man that was bleeding all over. His body was so weak. I remember wishing that I could just help him, to shut his eye, because they cut his eye open. Maybe I could just help him, maybe he could rest a little.
And then I would see Baba just standing there, in all his love and grace, just smiling at me.
Generally, it would take hours upon hours for people to die on the cross, but they could not leave them there, because of religious motives. People needed their prayers and rest on that time of the day on a Friday, and next morning on a Saturday. So, they poked him with a spear. And then there was even more blood.
That was when something really magical happened.
I could see people that were not there before, people that were not in the body, people that were not even people. I could see angels, I wouldn’t say there were flying because they did not have wings, they were little balls of light, moving over Baba’s head and the other two men.
I loved those men so deeply as well. I loved them as much as I loved Baba. I wish I could help them rest as well.
I would hear the angel’s symphony, it’s the best way I can describe it, and I could hear the sound of Eema’s heart, and Baba’s heart, in conjunction with my own heart. For a moment we were not there anymore, we were just observing that happening, and we were happy and healthy and safe. 

And then the sky turned black. The ground began to shake. And people started getting really, really scared. Some people dropped on their knees begging for forgiveness, some people were rejoicing because they believed Baba would open up the heavens and bring their loved ones back, the ones that were deceased. Some people thought that the world was ending, and some people just stood there still, some of them because they were just so shocked that they couldn’t comprehend what was going on. And a smaller amount understood what was actually happening.
For a moment it was like Mother Earth was crying for that. For that belief the Baba was helping to break, the chain of karma that so selflessly he helped breaking. And it was like Mother Earth was crying for the old, like she was grieving for herself.
We drawl that energy also, we used that energy, and I saw someone that I recognized as my grandfather, Baba’s father, and I saw the one I grew up to learn to be Archangel Michael, and then Archangel Haylel there as well. I saw so many of what you call spirit guides, so much of our family, everyone was there, holding space for Baba.

When his body got weak enough and people could believe that it was dead, it was all over. They believed the crucifixion had worked. And I think that for a moment, we also thought so.
We thought that the whole family was there to pick him up and take him with them, that maybe that was exactly what was supposed to happen. That he was supposed to leave the body, and leave people with that kind of demonstration, and that was more than enough.
The soldiers took him down, and the skies opened again. By this time, you can imagine that most of the people that have been there were gone, they ran for their lives. Some of them, if they were curious enough, just stood there. The ones that really loved Baba were still there as well.
So, they took him down from the cross, and they just laid him here. Some of the guards, the soldiers, they were crying also. I remember seeing one of them taking off all of armory, throwing all of his weapons on the floor, in a sign of protest, and just walking away.
Baba changed so many lives.
Eema and I walked closer when the soldiers left, she put me on the ground and held my hand as the both stood next to my Baba.

The body was cold. That was scary.
Eema’s uncle was present, he had all of the robes and stuff that they needed to envelop Baba and take him away, and that’s what they did. They got the body and moved it. Before I or anyone could really move.
So many of the people that had been listening to Baba talk believed that he wouldn’t even be captured, that he was just too powerful, that he wouldn’t allow it. And then they believed that he wouldn’t allow them to flog him, to hit him, they believed that at some point he would just open the skies and send the wrath of God down to them.
When they were the wrath of God.
People were in shock for a while, no one could really move, no one could do anything. But they covered his body because most of his clothes got ripped, or got thrown away, and I remember seeing him laying there, in a weird pose.
My grandmother, she ran to him, she hugged him, she asked him to come back. But very soon she was just quiet. She was shedding some tears, but she was in profound grace and communion with herself, such a strong woman.
Eema held his head in her lap, she was the one that took the crown off his head, she tossed that aside, took his hair off all of his face, and cleaned a little bit of the blood. His face was very different, it was very swollen, but she sang for him, just for a while. 

I was so confused and scared, I could not touch him, cause I didn’t feel like that was my Baba anymore, and I was sad. But then Eema called me, and I went to her, and I just sat there with them for a while.
Soon they said we needed to move because the sun was coming down. As they took him to the place that he would rest, they took me somewhere else.
I was so tired, so drained that I passed out as they took me to where Benjamin was staying. Benjamin was very scared as well, he also understood that something was happening, but I could not bring myself to use my voice. I could not tell him what happened. I couldn’t say anything.
At the age of three I could speak very well, I could sing, and I loved to tell stories, but I could not tell anything to Benjamin, I could not bring myself to say anything.
My voice was gone for three days.
Those three days at the same time they felt like three minutes, they felt like three centuries.
I would sleep and I would see Baba, he would talk to me, he would dance and sing with me, and he would tell me that he was happy, and I would wake up and he never, he never came. And everyone was quiet. People weren’t really sure what to do, where to go. I think that those three days were like limbo for so many people, they were not expecting that outcome.
Those were weird, weird days. 

But then I remember, waking up one day, where it could have been years in my little mind, and Ema was not there.
I looked for her and they told me she wasn’t there. I felt... at first I felt a little sad that she wasn’t there, but then a different emotion started to emerge. I felt hopeful, and I felt wonder.
I will never forget seeing Baba coming through the door of the little house that we were staying at until everyone figured out what we were going to do.
The door was really low, it was a small door. That would happen a lot in the houses around that area. People would build the house and the door was really low, and Baba was tall for the majority of people there, he was taller than most. At least he was very tall to me.
I was on the floor, eating grapes, sitting next to Benjamin. Benjamin was talking to me, hoping I would talk back, but I couldn’t.
And then I saw them!
Eema got in first, she was smiling, she was very happy. There was this little curtain on the door, strings of fabric, that were cut in the width of 10cm and went down to the floor, they were all placed together like a little curtain, so she held it.
That’s when I saw Baba, emerging from the door, he had to arch his back and go down a little to get in the house. He also had the most beautiful smile on his face, he looked like my Baba again.
The second that I saw him I screamed.
I ran and hugged him, and Benjamin too. I never felt so happy.
He had this sheer light around his body that people kept talking about.(she rolls her eyes) And I’m like, “well I’ve always seen that light!”
He didn’t look any different to me, he looked perfect.
There was no blood, no swelling, and nothing. The body was perfect.
He was happy, so very happy to see us. And I was happy too. Up until that day, that was the happiest I’ve ever been.
I think that’s enough story for now. 

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