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Schedule of Events

Here's our Patreon Schedule of Events for March 2023

Patreon Schedule of Events

March 11th at 6 pm WET:
Ask Us Anything (Tiers 1-up)

March 12th at 6 pm WET:
Channeling Hathor (Tiers 6-up)

March 18th at 6 pm WET:
Magdalenas Class (Tiers 3-up)

March 19th at 6 pm WET:
Channeling Hathor (Tiers 2-up)

March 20th at 6 pm WET:
Spring Ceremony (Tiers 4-up)

Check out our Etsy store at

Tier 6-up patrons have a 50% discount on our Etsy shop! Join to receive your discount code to use on ALL digital art!

Make sure that you are at the respective tier of the event to be able to watch it live.

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