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Schedule of Events

Here's our Patreon Schedule of Events for July 2023

Patreon Schedule of Events

A Journey of Divine Trust with Yeshua and Heylal

Spirit guides of the month: Yeshua and Heylal

Theme of the month: A Journey of Divine Trust

This July, we embark on a transformative journey of divine trust, guided by the loving energy of our spirit guides, Yeshua and Heylal. Together, we'll explore the depths of trust within ourselves and the universe, surrendering to the wisdom and grace that flows through our lives.


Trusting the Divine within ourselves is transformative on our spiritual journeys. Together, we embark on a sacred self-discovery journey, unlocking our Inner Knowing for empowerment, self-worth, and remembrance of our connection with the Divine. Let's cultivate patience and unwavering faith in the sacred rhythms of the universe. Join our events this month for self-growth, transformation, and a deeper connection with the Divine within you.

🔸 July 14th at 8 pm WEST

Ask Us Anything

An intimate live chat where we connect with our cherished community, offering guidance and insights on your spiritual journey. This is a chance to connect, share, and ask any questions you may have.

🔸 July 15th at 8 pm WEST

Channeling Yeshua and Heylal (tier 6)

Join us as we channel the profound wisdom and loving messages of Yeshua and Heylal. Through their guidance, we'll deepen our understanding of trust and gain powerful insights to support our spiritual growth.

🔸 July 19th at 8 pm WEST

Magdalenas Class

In this class, we'll delve into the sacred teachings of the Magdalenas, drawing upon their wisdom to illuminate our journey of trust. Discover practical tools and practices to cultivate unwavering trust in your divine path.

🔸 July 21st at 8 pm WEST

Channeling Yeshua and Heylal (tier 2)

Open your heart to receive the divine messages of Yeshua and Heylal as they share their loving guidance. This channeling event offers an opportunity to connect with their energy and receive personal insights for your spiritual journey.

🔸 July 22nd at 8 pm WEST


Join us in a ceremony where we'll honor the energy of trust and surrender. Together, we'll create a sacred space to release what no longer serves us and invite divine trust into our lives.

🔸 July 29th at 8 pm WEST

Spiritual Bonfire

Gather around the virtual bonfire as we come together in community. Share your experiences, intentions, and reflections on your journey of trust. Let the collective energy amplify the power of our intentions.

We are thrilled to share these transformative experiences with you.

What are your thoughts on the power of trust in your life? How has trust transformed your spiritual journey? We can't wait to hear from you!

Love Always,

Fernanda and Flavia

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