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Hi everyone!


We are thrilled to bring to you yet again a Summer Blessing! We are honored to guide you on this sacred and transformative journey.

This divine offering is crafted to open your heart and soul to receive the abundant blessings that the power of the Summer can bring you. This special package is designed to help you reprogram your subconscious mind and manifest your dreams into reality.


Here’s all that is included in this offer:


🌞 Recorded Meditation: To be used for 21 days, we will help you plant the seeds of empowering beliefs deep within your subconscious, creating a blessed life that flourishes in the material world.

🌞 Light Language Activation: Also to be used for 21 days, this Angelic Light Language Activation is recommended to be listened to on speakers, so all your cells can bathe on these celestial frequencies.


🌞 Summer Blessing Angelic Sigils: You will receive 3 Angelic Light Language symbols encoded with profound wisdom to open the gates to receive divine blessings throughout the summer season, empowering your journey of manifestation.


🌞 Personal Soul Symbol: We will channel a unique Light Language symbol that resonates with the essence of your soul.


🌞 Lemurian Reiki Healing: The guided meditation will be infused with the transformative energy of ancient Lemurian Reiki. We will lovingly nurture your mind, body, and spirit, allowing you to experience holistic well-being and embrace profound inner harmony.


🌞 Summer Healing Potion Recipe: A refreshing elixir to assist you in restoring balance and radiating vibrant vitality.


🌞 Guidelines, Tools, and Channeled Information: We will provide a PDF file with additional information that may arise to assist you in this 21-day journey. 


Individually, the value of these transformative offerings amounts to 363 euros. However, we offer you the complete Summer Blessing package at a discounted price of just 77 euros per person. It is our heartfelt desire to make this experience accessible to all who seek the blessings of this sacred season.


Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in this package:
- Recorded Meditation for a group valued at 33 euros

- Light Language Activation for a group valued at 77 euros

- Personal Soul Symbol valued at 55 euros

- Lemurian Reiki Healing valued at 99 euros 

- Angelic Sigil Pack valued at 33 euros 

- Summer Healing Potion Recipe valued at 11 euros

- Channeled Information valued at 55 euros 

Total: 363 euros 


All this for the discounted price of 77 euros.


You will receive the complete package, delivered to you in PDF and MP3 formats via email. Together, we will embark on this journey of subconscious reprogramming.


We invite you to unlock the radiant potential that resides within you. Embrace the Summer Blessing and allow the abundant love of this season to guide you towards the manifestation of your desires.

Love Always,

Fernanda and Flavia

Disclaimer: Please note that we are not responsible for any issues that may arise due to incorrect email addresses provided during the registration or purchase process. It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure the accuracy of their email address to receive the Summer Blessing package successfully. We kindly request you to double-check and verify your email address before proceeding with your purchase.

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