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Recorded Ceremonies

Here you can find all the available recorded ceremonies both from Patreon and from exclusive events.


Healing Ceremony with Yeshua (Jesus) - Abundance Flow (2019, April 29th)

Healing Ceremony with Yeshua and Mary Magdalene - Sacral Chakra Healing (2019, May 29th)

Healing Ceremony - Archangel Michael and Yeshua (Throat Chakra Healing) (2019, June 27th)

Healing Ceremony (Heart Chakra) - Mother Mary and Yeshua (2019, July 28th)

Healing Ceremony with Lilith - Root Chakra + Kundalini Awakening (2019, August 28th)

Healing Ceremony - Balancing the Third Eye with Horus (2019, September 30th)

Healing Ceremony - Crown Chakra with Shiva and Yeshua (2019, October 30th)

Healing Ceremony - All Chakras with Sarah, daughter of Yeshua (2019, November 27th)


Healing Ceremony - Earth Element (2020, January 31st)

Twin Flame Ceremony (2020, February 22nd)

Healing Ceremony - Balancing the Fire Element with Lilith and Heylal (2020, February 25th)

Magdalenas Initiation Ceremony (2020, March 8th)

Balancing the Air Element Ceremony with the Arcturians (2020, March 31st)

Balancing the Water Element Ceremony (2020, April 30th)

Healing Ceremony - Balancing the Aether Element (2020, May 31st)

Solstice Ceremony of Abundance (2020, June 20th)

Sacred Union Ceremony (2020, June 30th)

Ancestral Karma Clearing Ceremony (2020, August 30th)

Equinox Ceremony - Unlocking The Angelic Heart (2020, September 23rd)

Lemurian Ceremony: Opening your Third Eye (2020, September 30th)

Gratitude Ceremony (2020, October 28th)

Rising Phoenix Ceremony (2020, November 11th)

Activating Crystalline DNA Ceremony (2020, November 29th)

Activating Your Creative Power Ceremony (2020, December 12th)

Creating our Dream Reality Ceremony (2020, December 21st)


Elven Ceremony – The Alchemy of Compassion (2021, January 28th)

Twin Flames Ceremony (2021, February 22nd)

Self-Love Ceremony (2021, February 25th)

Elven Creation Equinox Ceremony​ (2021, March 20th)

Womb Healing Ceremony (2021, March 31st)

Grounding Ceremony (2021, April 16th)

Sacred Sexuality Priesthood Initiation II (2021, April 19th)

Self Alignment Ceremony (2021, June 17th)

Healing Your Inner Vision Ceremony (2021, July 28th)

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