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Recorded Channelings

Here you can find all the available recorded channelings both from Patreon and from exclusive events.


Channeling Yeshua, Horus, St Germain and St Francis of Assisi (2019, June 4th)

Channeling Archangel Heylal (Lucifer) (2019, June 18th)

Channeling the Goddess Isis (2019, July 15th)

Channeling Mahatma Gandhi (2019, August 24th)

Channeling Yeshua (Jesus) (2019, September 19th)

Channeling St. Francis of Assisi (2019, September 25th)

Channeling Goddess Isis (2019, November 16th) 


Channeling Yeshua (Jesus) (2020, March 7th)

Channeling Bastet and Anubis (2020, May 21st)

Channeling The Lightworkers613 Collective (2020, June 9th)

Channeling Yemaya (2020, June 27th)

Channeling the Mothers of Lemuria (2020, July 26th)

Channeling Sekhmet, Isis and Hathor (2020, August 27th)

Channeling Yeshua (Jesus) (2020, September 10th)

Channeling Egyptian God Thoth (2020, November 8th)


Channeling Ausarat, Daughter of the Egyptian Goddess Isis (2021, March 15th)

Channeling Mother Mary (2021, April 23rd)

Channeling Goddess Aphrodite (2021, May 14th)

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