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Private Readings

Private Reading

20-Minute Private Session in which you can ask questions to receive intuitive guidance from your Spirit Guides

Card Reading

Intuitive Tarot and/ or Card Reading focused on a matter of your choosing to  bring clarity and awareness

Twin Flame Reading

Channeling of your Divine Feminine and/ or Divine Masculine in any aspect they might show up to clear karmic patterns, establish connection, awaken kundalini energy and more

Personal Soul Symbol

Channeled Light Language Soul Symbol to enhance communication with your higher self, open and heal energy centers, ground, and support your spiritual awakening process

Fractals Reading

Get to know which Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides are working with you at this moment and which are the one that you hold a fractal of

Healing Ceremony

Spiritual Guidance, Guided Meditation and/ or Light Language Activation, Reiki Healing, Digital Art Alchemy Symbol, Crystal and Herbal Guide to support your healing journey

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