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Message from Jesus about Christmas:

" Dear loving child, I am here today for you called me forth, it is in great joy that I come to abide in your presence at this day and time you call your Christmas. I am Yeshua ben Yosef and I am so thankful for all the love directed to me today.

I see so many of you gathering around celebrating Christ’s birth, sharing love with your family and friends, it is a beautiful thing to see, dear ones.

Even if you don't consciously know it, you are celebrating the birth of the Christ in yourselves, the birth of the love which you are, will always be, have always been. I see you decorating, gifting, sharing, is all yet another expression of the Christ energy that you bring to this planet. it is indeed beautiful, dear ones.

I would like for you to look inside yourself now and see how powerful you really are, how magnificent you really are, how perfect and holy and Christ you really are. That is you. Me and you are one, beloved. Thank you for celebrating us today.

I wanted to tell you to enjoy what you call your last week for the year 2018 by contemplating how much you learned this year, how much you taught, how much you exchanged of the energy which you are, how abundant you have been this year.

Take it all in with love and compassion, dear ones, for this year was an important one in your journey of light beings incarnated on Holy Mother Earth. You are almost out of the tipping point now, almost crossing the imaginary veil you created and it is a wondrous thing to see. Give yourself the credit that is due to you for enduring the energetic changes of this time, for keeping the head above the water, for surfing this wave, for holding your brothers and sisters’ hands in the mist of chaos and sometimes suffering.

You are the light in this world, dear ones. You all are. Celebrate this. Celebrate the Christ in me, but also celebrate the Christ in you.

I love the birthday wishes, I love the festivities of it, even though many of you already know or even had a guess that I was not really born on the 25th of December, I was actually born by the end of Summer. But it does not really matter. What matters is the love being shared. So give freely today, beloved. Give in my name. Be my hands. Share the love that I am with your loved ones, share the love that I am with whomever comes in your path. Be the love that you see in me for it is YOU. We are one. Enjoy the holy days, your holidays, with the light heart of who knows that they expressed the light of Christ upon Mother Earth this year for it is true, dear ones. Every challenge you put up for yourself you overcame, have you noticed?

Look back at the dark days, or what you so called the dark days, of this year and contemplate how much you grew since than, how much you’ve done and how much love you have shared.


Take this last few days to be in peace with yourself, go within and congratulate the Christ in you for all you have been through. You are doing a great job. Take a time from your rushing minds and abide with the heart. You are the Christ you have been celebrating all along, beloved. I love that you honor me in this day, but can you see you are also honoring you?

I am.

I honor your strength and bravery, your loving heart, your compassion and your choice to be on Earth at this beautiful loving time of expansion.

Thank you for being the incarnated Christ that walks upon Holy Mother Earth sharing the hugs, sharing the love, sharing the light.

I am one with all the is and so are you, feel my energy with you right now, dear one. Breathe into the light that we are and renew your cells, renew your body and your energy. Take this last few days of what you call the year 2018 and breathe into the light that you are. Take it all in one last time and let go of what no longer serves you.

The vortex of light upon Holy Mother Earth right now was designed by you for you, so you could release what you no longer need at this time, so you can move on with ease from now on.

Let go of the old beliefs that you are not enough, you are everything, dear ones! You are the light of the Father/Mother walking upon Earth. You are love incarnated. You are the Christ. Take it in and let go of the belief that you are below or above anything, we are all one in this vast universe we created for our enjoyment. Let go of what no longer serves you, thank whatever still serves and embrace the Christ Golden Light that you are.

That is what I want for Christmas, dear ones.

I am with you now in your homes, in your hospitals, in your workplaces, in your cars, in your hearts. I am with you as you greet a loved one or a stranger on the streets, I am the stranger on the street. I congratulate the Christ in you as you do it for me. I am you.

Rejoice in the knowing that you are God. You are Christ. You are all that is.

Enjoy this day with a light heart for you have been doing a great job, dear ones.

I love you.

So be it.” Sending much love to all of you. Thank you for connecting. Namaste!

Channeled in December, 24th 2018

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