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Message from Yeshua ben Yosef (Jesus) about ascension:

“The veil is thinning all around Holy Mother Earth. Some of you will be able to feel it more harshly than others, more acutely if you will. It may translate into aches in your physical bodies, emotional bodies or it may come only as a rushing energy that you can flip right off of you. It is of your choosing, as everything else is.

Most of you reading this message chose to go through all the bumps on this ascension road so you would be examples for other brothers and sisters, and for that we applaud and thank you.

You chose to be the pioneers of the New Era, the ones who will discover the land and transport brothers and sisters to the New World.

This might bring aging old memories to you, from a time where you also discovered new lands and occupied it, sometimes throughout violence and fear even, but always with the best intentions in mind. You see, one shall not judge. Try to look at yourselves with tender loving eyes and see the beautiful golden flame of desire for a new world as something positive for this time you will make it right, as you call it, my beloved ones. As I told you before there is no right or wrong, there’s only more loving ways to approach a situation and that’s what you are doing now when you face this New Era. The true golden Era.

I am Yeshua ben Yosef, and I come to abide in your love at this day and time in what you call the XXI century as so many things, I am within each and every one of you and we are working together right now. Take it to heart. Breathe into this knowing feeling of acquaintance and remembrance, breathe in the golden love and let out your doubts.

Practice forgiving yourself from that time when you had the chance to act lovingly, but all you knew was fear. That “old” you is still in there looking for approval, for forgiveness, for some love and you are the only one who can give it to yourself.

Forgive that small one living inside your chest for its cries are no longer part of your present. There is no need to fear anymore. You are beginning to truly realize that there is no need to hide behind that fear.

When I walked the Holy Mother Earth as Yeshua, I was prophesied to be the one who would bring the changes, the one who would open the gates into heaven and show you the way.

I only planted the seed.

My dear ones, you are the ones who have been watering the seed, in fact you are the ones who even prepared the soil, you are the ones who have been nurturing the small branches of the tree until it became tall and strong and right at this moment the fruits are starting to come out. The flowers are blooming. The time has come to open up the gates and show the way to this fruitful tree to other ones, and more importantly, it’s time to pick it up for yourselves for you are so deserving of it.

Don’t be afraid to let them in, don’t be afraid to share.

Once upon a time when you discovered other lands you saw beauty in it, you saw God in it and you feared that other people would come and take it away from you, you feared they would destroy the tree you nurtured so carefully and you defended it against evil.

Hear me now loving children: there is no evil.

There is no higher force coming to take anything from you. Nothing is done to you, everything is done for you. For your enjoyment. So take that old lesson and check mark it as done, as learnt, for you have spent too much time blaming yourselves for the sad outcomes. Relish in the good outcomes that brought you to this present moment of you being one of the Keepers of the Tree and keep it no longer.

There is no need to fear giving it away for all you give away comes right back at you.

Give away the knowledge.

Give away the love that I planted two thousand years ago.

Give away the land and most importantly, release the idea that anyone could take anything from you.

We are all one. We are all love. And I love you all so much, my dear ones. I am so proud of this harvest we are collecting together. Give freely.

So be it.”

Hope you feel embraced with his loving light, my friends.


Channeled November, 17th 2018

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