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Message from Yeshua ben Yosef (Jesus) about healing and Self love:

“Whatever you do: do it with love.

At this day and time people rush through their days, they worry, the fight, they cry in silence hoping for a better life. A better world, where it will all be peace and tranquil, where the breeze will be soft as a mother’s touch and the sun will be warm and bright. I see you praying for this era where you no longer need to suffer, where you no longer need to drive through the hills of hopelessness. I hear you. I’m with you. I am you.

What I’m here to say today is that this era you’ve been waiting for is here. This era is you, my beloved ones.

I am Yeshua ben Yosef, you’ve called me other names and I answer to each call for I am always with you. Today I come to answer this: You are the change you want to see in the world indeed, as my beloved friend once quoted.

You are the new era, can’t you see?

You are the change.

You are the bright sun, the soft breeze.

You are the motherly touch upon the ones who are yet to see.

I come today to share with you some of this wisdom. No, I come to remind you. Everything is remembrance. You know it all, you’ve done it all, and it’s time to leave the scars behind you, my beloved children. It’s time you see the burning flame that is your soul and take control over it. The truth is what you make it, remember that. Remember you are gods and goddesses, you are light and fire, air and earth. You control everything.

Your reality is a thin one, it’s made of small little pieces of soft fabric and it wrinkles every time you move it around, every time you touch it, in fact it wrinkles every time you think of it. Be aware of the power of your thoughts. Change your thoughts if you want to change this reality. In fact every reality is good for there is no evil but the one in your minds.

You also created evil. Duality. War. Pain.

You also created goodness. Peace.

You abide in love and that’s when you finally find the change you want to see in the world.

Hold the both ends of the thread you created and see it all as love. Call it good. Call it kind. Call it teacher, for everything is of your making. Nothing is outside of you. I am not outside of you and so isn’t God.

There is nothing that love cannot touch and make it into gold. Your energy source is forever ongoing and flowing through the whole universe you created and beyond.

Beauty is upon Holy Mother Earth for it is you, she is you. She may cry with you, destroy with you, bleed with you. She may also give birth to a new reality, a new age of lighter frequencies. That’s where you are walking to, not because this lighter Earth is out there waiting for you to come, but because YOU ARE MAKING IT!

You are the one who can created a better future as you like to call it, for the way you see linear time is still important to you so you keep on creating it. It is of your making. So can be love, peace, serene times where the only thing there is, is joy.

I want to ask you of something: lose the fear of your own power. Use the tools you created, the instruments Mother Earth provides and heal your sacral chakra. Take your power back through meditation, use your sacred crystals, colors, scents, tastes... heal your wounded wombs and hearts and take back the power that created your reality.

You might wonder why it is important to live this reality if it isn’t Real (with capital R), but I say to you now: everything you say is real, is real. Absolutely everything.

You chose this experience here on Holy Mother Earth at this age you call the XXI century because you are strong enough. Because you have something to teach and something to learn. But most of all: because you have something to love.

You love Mother Earth, you love your brothers and sisters, you love your environment and all the possibilities that you have as creators here. That is why you want it to change, that is why you hope for all of humankind to abide together in peace.

So I ask something else of you for you are powerful enough: do not lose hope on yourselves. You are beings of infinite light, your energy made this journey possible, it can also make it as smooth as you let yourself feel it.

Leave the punishments in your so called past, release the judgment and the fear, release the pains that dragged you down for so long and abide in peace with yourself.

Forgive yourself.

Love yourself.

Treat yourself as you wish every living being treated Mother Earth and that’s how you’ll see it change.

Love every part of your being, every so called mistake, every corner of darkness and sorrow.

All of it is there for your enjoyment. Believe you can see brighter days and that’s all you will see.

You are the most courageous souls in the universe, my dear ones. I thank you for your love and right now I put a mirror between us.

Fell that?

That is how I wish you to love yourself.

That is how I wish you to believe in yourself.

That is how I wish you to trust yourself.

We are one.

I’ll tell you what you may call a little secret now: the view up here is magnificent. Each point of light joining together creating a spectacle of loving energy. It is beautiful. And so are you.

I love you, dear ones. Love yourself as I love you.

So be it.”

In my mind’s eye He came through a sort of portal between dimensions in our universe, first there was golden light and then his silhouette and smile. He is very joyful by the way, I love his energy ♥️

When he talked about the “view up there”, he showed me Earth like when it’s viewed from space and then lights started popping all over it, like they were being turned on. It was humankind. Then each point of light connected with another, and then another and so on until it became somewhat of a web of white blueish light all over Earth. Beautiful indeed.

When he talked about ways of healing our sacral chakra I saw Orange Essential Oil, for crystals I saw orange carnelian, clear quartz and what I think is sunstone. He showed me a lot of orange energy around a person while they meditated, so I believe we’re supposed to engage in that resonance. What also comes to my knowledge is Mary Magdalene saying that we have this unbalance between our Heart and Sacral chakras because of the feminine and masculine energies in us, too much of one means too little of the other. Those energies are supposed to flow freely, but for example: the need to hide our feelings hurts our hearts and the lack of “barriers” hurts our wombs (sacral chakra), this way it gets difficult to step into our own power. For the healing of the heart the only things I saw was green aventurine crystals and Clove essential oil. Tea Tree too perhaps,not sure. If anyone has any other tips share it please!

Love you all. Namaste

Channeled in November, 04th 2018

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