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Message from Yeshua (Jesus) about DNA activation and symptoms:

“My beloved friends and family of God within, it brings me so much joy to be able to speak to you through this form. Greeting unto you beloved extensions of the one Source of all love.

I am the one you know as Jesus, I held many names as you probably already know at this point as I show up as many people throughout your lives, as many books, through many channels, through many ways. I am always willing for communion. Great joy, dear one. Great joy indeed.

I am here today for a beloved friend of mine has asked a very pertinent question that affects so many of you. It is about the so called ascension symptoms and DNA activations occurring at this day and time you call your 2019. In fact it has been occurring for many years now, but indeed this time is one of many energetic changes.

Holy Mother Earth is ready to take a leap into a new dimension as you call and we are reading you to take this same step for you have allowed and wished for this day. We come as your guides, as your galactic friends, as angels, as God within for we are one with you.

The activation of the DNA is what is causing the majority of your symptoms, the body was used to be in a way and now you are experiencing changes for we are activating dormant DNA streams within you while you sleep. That is why so many of you feel tired when you just woke up, that is why you feel like you have been inside what you call a tidal wave, huh? Muscles and joints are achy, you may feel nauseated, tipsy on the head and overall tired. Headaches and pressure on the sinus are related to the third eye being activated so you can experience more of seeing the Truth with your physical eyes as you wished. It is all normal and it all shall pass. The more you allow and the less you resist the better it gets, dear ones.

This ascension is the most brilliant time of all times and we are all so joyful to be a part of it for you decided it shall be.

Can you feel the enthusiasm? The growing feeling in your heart that comes "out of nowhere" telling you that something is about to happen? Sometimes the body translate it as a rush of adrenaline and that is why you have been calling this feeling "anxiety", it is in fact the excitement of something new, like children feel on Christmas Mornings. Embrace it, dear ones, do not resist it.

I would like to advice you to drinking more water for water is the closest thing you have on Earth resembling the molecule of love, as we call it. It helps on the dissipation and integration of those energetic charges you are receiving. If you will, infuse your water with intention before drinking it, it is a beautiful receptor.

We have been working with all of you at this time and deep within your hearts you feel our company, we are one, my friends. Another advice I would like to give if you will receive is to breathe. Breathe in the light and let go of the resistance on the muscles, relax and trust. Trust your own Divine nature for you are the masters incarnated on Earth right now, you are the power you seek, you are the Love. Trust yourselves.

And share, dear ones. Share your pains and worries, share your joys and love, share your stories with each other for you will find much reassurance and validation, it will help easing up your hearts. Share with your brothers and sisters. Share with me. Share with the trees as you take your walks, they are loving listeners and have so much clean energy to give. Share with the sky and with the stars. Write, draw, paint, sing, dance. Use your human body for joy, that is why you have one now. Be joy and hang in there, the road is becoming smoother ahead and you will be glad you came for this trip.

We love you. We are you.

I am Yeshua ben Yosef, your brother, your one.

So be it."

Thank you for reading and connecting!

Namaste, my friends!

Love you.

Channeled in January, 26th 2019

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