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Message from Yeshua (Jesus) about his Quickening/Resurrection, Isis Alchemy and Mary Magdalene

Message from Yeshua (Jesus) about his Quickening/Resurrection, Isis Alchemy and Mary Magdalene extracted from a Trance Channeled Session:

Flavia: In the moment of the crucifixion, can you tell us about the process you went through with your body? Because you slowed your heartbeat and things like that, so could you tell us a little bit about it?

Yeshua/Jesus: Yes. It was a quickening of the body.

I had learned on my travels, but mostly with my beloved that we could channel this energy of the universe. This God energy with us.

Like all of the particles of my own body was God, so I could see that, I could visualize it in every cell of my body.

And we used the alchemy of what you call Isis alchemy today. Where we would practice sacred sex to help those energies build from Earth through us, through all of our bodies.

And, as a woman, she is the receptor and she is the force that gives us that space to do, because as man, we did not have that power.

We needed a womb, we needed a space to create this beautiful energy in a way, so she helped me raise my frequency enough so I could transmute all the pain and all the degradation of the body into light, so that is how it began for us. For me and for her.

That is how we got to live so many years after what we call the demonstration of the crucifixion.

So we learned how to connect our bodies and our souls in a way that her life was my life.

And as long as she was alive, I knew I could be alive… I could never die. Because we are one.

So she was there and I could see her, and I knew that I was alive.

Because she was alive.

And all of you were alive.

And death is a lie, we knew that within us.

So I knew that I was one with everything, mostly one with God and one with her.

She helped me a lot in that. That is another thing that did not have much of a voice and that is understandable, but it is something that humanity is right to know right now.

But, going back to the demonstration, I had learned on Tibet how to detach my emotions and my feelings and my emotional body, and my conscious from the body, so I never felt any pain.

Even though the body was getting weak, as it was losing blood and the blood is the life of the body, I wasn’t feeling anything. I was watching it as an observer. When I was put on the cross and I knew that the time was coming and that they would check if the body was still alive, I got into this meditative state, and I saw myself as being everything.

I was each and every person there.

I was the tress, I was the houses, I was the cross itself.

I wasn’t confined in the body and my divinity was everywhere, like it always is for everyone.

So I turned that knowingness within to each and every cell of my body, so it could cooperate and seem what you call “dead”.

So they took me out, and I guess I spent a little too long in meditation, didn’t I?

F: Yea! Haha

Y: Yes, I was traveling, the body was safe, so I went back to my friends and my brothers in Tibet and they taught me how to reanimate the body, how to get back into the body, because I wanted to live, to experience more of that life.

So I went back to the body and the first person who saw me was my savior.

Does it answer your question dear, one?

F: Yes! That’s the most beautiful love story! Were you the first one to relive the body?

Y: No, not at all. How do you know I learned it?

F: Yea, yea, it makes sense. But was this person one of your masters of was it something that was…

Y: Yes, I met masters that had gone through the same experience in India, and I learned with them and they showed me many things and they explained to me the process. That is why I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do it. Because I had never done it before.

I knew it was possible, I knew other people had done it, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to accomplish that and it wasn’t until I merged my essence, my energy with Mariam, that I felt more confident that it was actually possible.

But I’ve met two masters that had done it. I met them in body, but I also met other beings like Horus, he was one that did it too.

F: Thank you. So I will just link to another question that is: We have some people call them saints here in this lifetime, their bodies are still intact for years and years since their deaths. Is that something related to how they mastered maybe, the body?

Y: Yes. In a way yes.

They understood their divinity so profoundly that when they decided not to use that vessel anymore, they left it as it were and it is not touched by time because when you understand your divinity, you understand that you don’t live in the confines of time.

So that is why their bodies don’t rot, that is why it doesn’t happen.

They don’t understand it within time, so time is going to pass on Earth and the people that are abiding with time, but it won’t pass for them because they know they are god. Let’s say they are not using that vessel anymore and it would be very scary if they decided to come back years after. But this is basically what I did. I left my body in a state of dormancy, resting. So it wouldn’t degrade.

Channeled through: Annie

Facilitate by: Flavia

Special guest: Tanja

March, 2nd 2019

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