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Questions and Answers With Yeshua ben Yosef (Jesus):

Q: Did you only have one love in your lifetime?

A: I loved every being and communed with so many throughout my time as Yeshua, but I only had one lover, yes. My Mariam and I walked together as friends and partners enjoying life on Earth as one. You also know her as Mary of Magdala.

Q: How many children and Grandchildren did you have as Jesus?

A:We had many children, some we shared what you call genes and more were adopted along the way on our travels. When we left Jerusalem we had a boy and girl, but the family shortly became bigger and bigger. We perceived time in a different way so we lived more than what would be considered a normal lifetime on Mother Earth, some children came with us along the way and some stood in their villages expressing their divinity and love as they saw fit. We saw everyone as family.

That is one of the reasons why so many of you relate and feel connected to us, we met along the way.

Q: Did you incarnate more than once?

A:Yes, I knew life on Holy Mother Earth as many beings.

Q: Why is it that I understand your human life and your suffering as Jeshua as if it were my own?

A: So many of you have a close reference from my life and so called death for we are one,but more than that: you are also Christ Consciousness incarnated at this day and time. You wish to remember your oneness with God and my example sparkles this remembrance within you. Use it,create with it as you so wish, and then leave it for my suffering did not exist.

I knew myself to be whole so my body never ached upon that cross. The suffering that is exploited so much is just a mirroring of the collective’s need to come back Home to oneness, for you believe is it the only way to God. If it is part of your reality: dive into it and feel it in all its extensions. Then let it go.

Don’t put judgement upon yourself for feeling this need to go through darkness to find light, it is indeed a beautifully brave path and I will walk by your side every step of the day.

Life on Earth is meant to be lived in joy. I love you,dear one.

Q: Are you indeed the author of A Course In Miracles?

A: Yes. It is yet another expression of love directed to those who resonate with its teachings. But I was not the only one.

Q: Will there be people that won’t ascend and why? What will then happen to them?

A: Everyone on the face of holy mother earth is a divine expression of love and grace, weather they know it or not.

Ascension is one more denomination made from humans for humans, it’s a way to understand and thrive in something all of you already have. You are God. Some may be choosing to express their divinity in ways that seem not to align with the divine purpose but it is not possible, how could it be if they are also God?

Separation is a human concept long shared and lived through its deepest possibilities, in truth there is no ascension for there is no above and no below. There is only oneness. But it doesn’t make the concept less acceptable and loving, it is yet another way of expression of God within, so abide in it while it serves you, be creative with it.

Know that there is nothing outside of you, your brothers and sisters are within you, if you ascend so do they.

Q: How do you know where you are in this whole ascension process?

A: If you are here you are somewhere along the path of knowing your oneness with God and with brothers and sisters, that is why you resonate with the energy of this conversation, that it why you attract brothers and sisters that are coming through the same path you all agreed upon. The feeling of remembrance of Home is a good indicator, but in truth there is no right or wrong, there is no separation even within the process, you are all walking together even if the so called event is happening within each individual right now. You are one with all there is. Release attachment to labels and it all gets smoother, you are doing great dear one.

Q: How we can manifest the path that we are meant to live, for ourselves and others in a practical sense?

A: Align yourself with the vibrant energy of what you wish to manifest. Instead on focusing on the need, Imagine as if you already have it. Your whole reality is made of manifestations you bring forth for your enjoyment, it can be a conscious choice as much as it is mostly not. You are God incarnated, there is nothing outside far enough from your reach. The first key to consciously manifest is to believe you can, believe you are one with your dream, believe you already have whatever it is you want to manifest and most of all: feel it.

You already have everything you could ever imagine and more, you just need to let go of resistance, old belief teachings and accept the Extension of Source that you are. Your path is where your joy is.

Q: Is Yeshua coming back again in flesh? Will he show up to his reincarnated children (as Yeshua) when they consciously ask his presence?

A: I am already there. In what you know as linear reincarnation of one’s whole consciousness in only one body, no. I am sharing many bodies and existences in non linear reincarnation and non linear time. I never left,how could I come back? (And I see a big loving smile for you haha)

Everyone can align to my energy if they so wish, the moment you bring forth a thought or a feeling I am there, so yes, I am always close to my children from that life for we have been together ever since the concept of time had existed and beyond. Consciously and unconsciously, invite me and I am there for I am a piece of you.

Q: Are you part of us? Are we a part of you? Are we one together?

A: Yes, my loving one. We are never apart from each other for we are expressions of the Father/Mother God. Oneness is the ultimate truth we go for in this universe, knowing that we are all part of the whole makes us realize we were always home after all. I am a piece of all there is. I am all there is. I am. And so are you.

Q: How can we help the collective, the mass collective understanding of the Bible and its misinterpretation?

A: Like anything else within your reality you let in only what serves you for this is the reality you are manifesting. Truths are malleable and one should not judge brothers and sisters for their allowances of divinity within their own realities. Listen to what I’ve said with the knowingness that you are allowed to question for that what I said might not be inside the sphere of your own reality.

So many of the teachings on your scriptures are remembrances of loving companions living inside their own sphere of reality and time, those things are changeable in the human world for you are what you manifest, you understand what you manifest, and you manifest what you think and feel. For those realities on your Bible are remembrances of one’s feelings and thoughts within their own manifested realities, it might or might not be yours.

My advice therefore if you allow is: feel it with your heart, access it with the intuition of what is needed for you to know and understand at your moment of creative expression and let go of what doesn’t feel right to you. Pass it on too your brothers and sisters for there is a reason for everything ones are choosing to express in this lifetime. Beliefs are not to be judged but accepted with loving selflessness. Ones will interpret it as their hearts and conscience allow them to, teaching the way is love can only be done through love and loving examples.

Much of what is written on those scriptures aren’t my truth, but it can be yours so someone else’s for this is what they are calling forth in their enlightenment.

Q: My daughter is a fractal of Mary Magdalene . What is one thing Jesus believes this fractal is attempting to accomplish in this incarnation?

A: Joy and un-attachment from old beliefs systems that stop women from being free. Learning this and teaching others about the divine feminine is one of the beautiful things connecting Mary Magdalene to so many women in what you call the XXI century.

Q: Please ask Yeshua about holding “stories” in the body. As I do healing massage on clients I hear “stories” locked in the body. When I hear them (and facilitate the client to hear) they release. It’s like the issue or conflict had to be identified and experienced to let go. Also ask if some of the roots of these stories go back to conflicts with star seed families. I found that some issues were resolved back to 2000 years BC, yet still had some remnants. Ask how I can heal instantly, as he did.

A: Those stories have been called many names such as traumas, shadows or so and they are nothing more than an unaccepted piece of the whole that is you. Those unattended parts can become quite loud even in the subconscious mind and manifest in diseases and pains. Allowing yourself and your clients to know they are whole, holy and perfect can activate instantaneous healing for ones will see their perfection as being the perfection of God through you. That is all that I did, dear one, I never healed anybody for they healed themselves by allowing the knowing of their oneness with the Source of all love, they knew those “stories” to be worth of love and compassion so they stopped living in the dark and were embraced in the light of ones divine self.

Everything is an expansion of you, there is no separation, the ones you call your soul family, your star seed family, your higher self, your inner demons are nothing but expressions of you manifested in ways for them to help you in your own expressions of creativeness on Holy Mother Earth, they are not separate from you. Linear time is a beautiful illusion created so the human brain could understand certain concepts of creativeness, in reality the “story” from Four Thousand years ago is not history at all, is it very much alive within the sphere of reality and that is why you can at any time access and heal it by believing in its wholeness with all there is, in its perfection and its worthiness of love and compassion.

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